Things I am keen to work on now

Riding and then hopping wrong foot forward (I can do it on a small uni, but not without thinking). Need to get to the “I don’t need to think” stage.
Jump mount
Mounting wrong foot first (doesn’t seem so hard since I started to learn to jump mount)
Improving riding then hopping 27.5" muni
Backwards - not sure when I might get this
Riding SIF - practice is not going too bad
Ride on a plank - I now have planks :slight_smile:

I kinda need to force myself for:
Hill climbing - hill next to my home


I’d like to learn to coast. It has been a long time since I’ve learned something new, and I’ve always thought coasting looked cool.

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Coasting is probably one of the hardest, but also one of the most fun things I’m able to do on a unicycle. I don’t think any other trick is so hard and so enjoyable at the same time.

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It has that reputation. I’m expecting to struggle with it for a long time. It’s alright. I’m patient.