thigh problem

so this has been going on for a while, and i’ve just been dealing with it…but i can’t anymore. every single time i hop sif, the back of the saddle scrapes against my inner thigh, and after repeated times of that it starts getting quite painful and bleeds. my last hop sesh it got so bad i had to take about a week and a half off to let it heal.

i just did another sesh about 30 mins ago, and after about 10 hops my leg is ripped back open, bloodier and more painful than ever. i thought my skin would eventually strengthen and get used to it, but it’s really just getting worse.

what can i do about this? i can’t hop now for another week or else it’ll get reallllly bad. i’ve even tried using different saddle heights to see if it’ll prevent the scraping. it just scrapes in a different place.

what can i do to prevent this? i have an old pair of shin guards i could hack up, but i don’t know if that would work well. i’d wear jeans but they really restrict my hopping. does anyone use some kind of thigh guards that would work good?

Do you have some kind of problem with your uni’s seat? E.g. sharp edges on the rear bumper or similar?

Do you let it heal fully before you ride again?

What do you wear when riding?

get a nice pair of well fitting jeans, I have two pairs that are unusable for riding and one pair that’s absolutely perfect! :smiley:
maybe wear some cycling shorts underneath or something!

Last time i wore jeans when hopping it wasn’t good :astonished: aching thighs within minuets when hopping.

Maybe you just have better jeans than me:p

I recommend cycling trousers, general sport trousers or cycling shorts but I’m an XC/MUni rider not a trials rider so my advice may not be best for trials but I would avoid jeans.

i have the same issue, but usually after a while im just fine. I say get some thick tight cycling shorts. I like to call them super shorts and put them on underneath your jeans and you wont have that problem anymore hopefully… i still need to find my old pair :thinking:

Cycling shorts with shamy inners help a bit. I don’t hop SIF nearly as much as you do, but I’ve found that jeans can just make the situation worse (more friction)

Do something other than hopping is one option :slight_smile:

Seriously, wear a pair of cycling shorts (or even running lycra shorts) under whatever you want to be seen wearing. I’m assuming your problem is more of a rubbing abrasion rather than a ‘direct’ impact abrasion. Two layers of clothing will help, the inner layer doesn’t move much in relation to the skin so saving it.


some seats really tear up you inner thighs, I found that my alien backflip seat loves to rip up my thighs because there’s a stitching right where the thigh rubs against the seat. so i’ll be switching that seat out with my nimbus one soon. wearing biking shorts definitely helps though

Thanks guys for the replies… I have the same problem but not as bad as you Derek, I’m not at the bleeding part. I just try to deal with it normaly, but it’s worst in colder temperatures, like now. In the summer I normaly dont have problems… Unless I’ve been riding for 10 hours non-stop :stuck_out_tongue:

And to clarify, the reason for the bike shorts is that with the inner portion is clinging to your skin, it works essentially as another layer of skin, it does not move much, and then you have the second layer over those, so the second layer is only rubbing against the inner leggings and not your skin. You can find the inners by themselves, and then wear shorts over them, or you can buy them as a complete piece riding shorts.


I hear you on this one as it’s a pain (for me) eventually, even with bikeshorts. When designing the new (since April 2009) KH saddle frame, this was one thing I paid attention to. The old, weaker KH saddle frame is the same as the one still used on saddles that use the original KH base (Impact, Koxx-One).

On the new gen KH saddle, the back bumper is rounded so it’s more comfortable to grab. On the sides, it doesn’t end in a corner like the old saddle bumper did. If you look closely, the side of the bumper wraps around and then bends very slightly back in towards the foam, so it compresses it into the foam. That’s why you have to push fairly hard to squeeze the bumper on when installing it. This gets rid of that corner and makes it a lot more comfortable against your thighs.

Attached is a photo of what I mean.



Also the lycra is slick, so the outer layer of clothing smoothly slides over w/o scraping.

I wear two pair, prefferably one w/ the shammy pad (next o my skin), and one regular over that. If I found a good fitting pair I’d prob only need one, but none of the ones I’ve tried haven’t fit tight enough for my skinny legs.

Oh I don’t have that problem, I have rather large thighs. Although I can never get leg warmers to stay up, what’s the trick with em?

Sow in some elastic webbing?

I’ve done that on sweat pants where the elastic is worn out. Hard to do decently w/o a sowing machine.

Well even when they’re tight, and secured against the other strip on my cycling shorts they still fall down after a while. It’s like I need velcro!

i had that problem with my first unicycle. i would recommend getting a new seat. like one that fits you better. thats what i did.

thanks for the replies.

just had a hop sesh with some bike shorts on. even tho my leg was already torn up, it really helped a lot. i figure when it heals it’ll be just fine, hopefully.

Just gonna say, its so awesome seeing someone like Kris (owner of a unicycle brand) commenting on someones complaint, that isn’t directly linked to KH but simply unicycling in general.

Anyway! I have this problem aswell with certain street tricks and definitely SIF hoping, I don’t SIF much but when I do, it becomes a problem. Putting bike shorts on works well for me… but putting those things on is so annoying when I know I’ll only be riding for about half an hour… So I’ve stopped wearing them for shorter rides and stopped doing the tricks that cause the pain. But on longer rides I make sure to wear them.

I don’t know how many serious riders there are that don’t use a CF base… the new KH bumpers will not fit a CF… So untill CF bases are upgrades, or if the new K1 seats have been made in attention to this problem… There is no short term solution. Just thick bike shorts.

Heck I go to classes all day in bike shorts and shin guards, if it’s cold they keep my legs warm when I’m not riding :slight_smile: