Thigh gaurds! The final fronteir!!!

Hello! With procedings from yestarday i (succesfuly) made myself a pair of thighgaurds! I had the problem with getting bruised thighs from SIF riding, im not that good. I world always have the seat jabbing into my left thigh, thus some bruises.

To make these you need-
1 roll of standard toilet paper
1/2" thick 3’-3’ sheet of plastic foam (can get from fabric store)
Food Saver
Food Saver bags, about 2-3ft
leather, fake leather will do fine, just some sort of fabric

All this will be used!

Ok! lets start!
unroll about 1/3 of the toilet paper, put into a 2 sheet long peice.
So thats about a 1’’ tall sheet of toilet paper. Then cut some foam as wide and as long as it so you have a peice that folds around the toilet paper.
Tape this down if you want so it will stay.

Now, cut a foodsaver bag long enough so you have +4’’ of food saver bag. Seal one side of it. Then put the foam/toilet paper in the FoodSaver bag. Now! Vacum/seal the other side as close as you can to get it too seal with the foam/toilet paper.

You will notice that now you have some impact foam! Mwuhahaha!!! This was accomplished in about 10 minutes.

Take your leather/fabric and fold it over the impact foam. Cut this so you have more than enough so you wont puncture the foodsaver bag. Now your able to sow this the impact foam is held in there nice and well. Now, just sow it up and your done! You can also add some Velcroe straps that can hold it to your leg nicely.

You have just created a thigh gaurd(s)! Please respond on how this sounds! it works very well, it took me about mabye under 45 min to complete this. I did not add leg straps, so i had to use a combination of 3 belts on one leg to hold it up. It works pretty good!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: now all you have to do is respond on how cool and how well it works! its pretty tough foam also.

sounds like a cool idea i want to try something like that.

this is what i did
i just took my rear bumper and took a wheel grinder to it and shaved it all nice and round and smooth so it doest chav my thights. then i polished it with a propane torch to make it super smooth.

or you don;t be weaklings and ride with it for a couple of days and then it won;t affect you either.
if riding seat in front gives you bruises you either have other issues or your style is messed up.

I agree. For me, riding for 3-4 days conditions my upper legs to the friction and such from the seat. I think that pads on the upper legs is fairly unnecessary as they are not subjected to whirling blade of death syndrome that lower legs encounter with platform pedals

As an alternative, you can beat your legs with bamboo sticks until you kill all the nerves. Then nothing hurts. Just like taking as many drugs as cody.

any pictures of this “thigh guard”?

George Peck would be proud.

Whoa whoa hay hay…I was taking all those cause I had a broken knee thank you :stuck_out_tongue: lol but I still want to see the footy from when I was talking to the camera to abibible :smiley:

forgive my ignorance but what is a food saver or food saver bag?

the toilet paper will probably degrade relatively quickly but I think the foam would be most of your protection.

What if you took some stiff but not hard plastic like from an icecream pail glued it to foam then sewed up the fabric casing. This should distribute the force more evenly while being less bulky.

Anyway I hope it works well for you

I think i just talked myself into making myself some custom leg armor :), not very happy with the fit on my 661 4X4s
Vacume seals stuff in a plastic bag. Usually used for food preservation.

I agree, plus you elliminate a lot of the benefit of the foam when you suck all of the air out. Higher density foam would be better.

I like this idea.

Well, you see this is a vacum sealed thing, the toilet paper can not move. It works fairly well if you can hold it in place. Doesnt bruise my legs as bad. And also, this isnt rubbing, I can stand abbrasions, Its when I hop and land wrong the seat jams into my legs.

i want to see a picture too. please post one :smiley:

If I were landing like that i’d be conserned about my manhood more than my legs. :astonished:

So bottom line learn to pull the seat out more when you land or land seated.

Its not the friction on my legs, its the part when i land wrong and the seat smashes into my thighs.

Sounds like it would work well enough, but why don’t you try sewing it all together instead of sowing it?