Thicker Wheels?

I want a thicker (and as I think would follow, surdier) wheel for my
2005 Torker Unistar DX. Right know it has a K-RAD 20x2.125" wheel. I was wondering if a wheel closer in girth to a 20" Maxxis Creepy Crawler would fit on the frame. Does anyone know? I’m gonna go check the clearance, but if you happen to know the answer already, please post it.

Ok, the clearance between the frame and the top of the wheel is about 1.5 inches.

yes it would definitly fit. The creepycrawler is the one that comes stock on the DX.

no, he is talking about the 05 version, not the 07, the kenda k-rad tire comes stock on the 05

Check the side-to-side clearance too…

i believe the 05 dx has a 20 inch rim and tire. The 06/07 dx has a 19" rim with a thick tire, the creepy crawler. The size of tire is 19" but is 20" in height. The creepy crawler will not fit on your rim. I would recommend a 2.25" x 20" tire for your unicycle

You mean tire instead of wheel right? (There is a difference, the wheel includes the rim and spokes) And by thick you mean wider right? “Thick” isn’t really a term used with wheels/tires. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Okay. Yes you can use a trials tire like the creepy crawler, but you would have to get a trials rim for it first (they are not technically 20", they are called 19". But the actual measurement is probablly more then 20". Smart huh?)

Your best bet is to simply get a wider 20" BMX tire. I know the Kenda K-Rad comes in a 2.3" size, but I’m not sure of the availability of that. A good tire is the Maxxis Max Daddy, which is a pretty wide 2.25". You can see a picture of it on another unicycle here.

Any of that make sense?

Yes, I get what you mean. The 2.3 is the…width of the tire, right? And yeah, I meant tire, and i agree thick was a poor word choice.