Thicker Tyre

Hey I have a 20" by 1.75" tyre at the moment and i really want to get a thicker tyre so i can do more trials stuff but im not sure whether to get just the 20" by 2.75" tyre or a whole new wheel.
My friend had the exact same uni as I have now and all he bought was a thicker tyre nd stuck with everything else that he had. He said it fit but I don’t know whether to trust him.
Any suggestions? :thinking:

what kind if Uni are u putting the tire on?

Just a learners uni

u will also need to get a new inner tube.

K, so my friend is just pullin my leg that all he got was a tyre yeh:-)

the reason i was asking is because i dont know if the tire can fit in your frame anyway. And i dont think there is a 20 by 2.75 tire. If there is its that koxx tire…try all?..maybe? Maybe u meant 20 by 2.5?

But anyway what kind of uni you have?

I got it from juggle art. :thinking: it was just so i could learn nd now ive learnt i want a thicker tyre :angry:

you may need to get a 19" rim, in which case you could get a trials tire.

yeh the 2.5" My bad:D nyway the frame has three inches gap between the two bars nd i dont know the dimensions of the rim

No, you can use the same tube. It’s fine, trust me, I’ve done it.

even if the tube is 20" by 1.5/75"?

it’ll fold over on a skinny learner’s rim though
it’ll be really bad, u might as well save up and get the uni in your avatar
otherwise you’ll have to upgrade the rim on your learner’s, and then you’ll have the trials tire and then break your cranks, so u might as well get a whole trials uni :slight_smile:


I don’t think my dad wants to pay $795 for a trials uni even if it is the best! I’ll ask him tho.

well u can also get a cheaper one, but make sure you still get splined cranks, unless you weigh under 100 pounds or so

but the KH is definitely awesome, i love mine

Qu-Ax and Torker both make cheaper splined models than the KH, much cheaper in fact (the torker DX, NOT the lx, is splined)

good luck!

A 2.5 trials tire WILL NOT fit on a regular 20" rim, you need a special 19" rim. I recomend getting a 2.25 bmx tire like the maxxis max daddy.

If you want to get into trials and want to buy a trials uni with a thick tire , get a nimbus trials for $325 and upgrade to Koxx or KH/onza hub and cranks later on if you need it.

alright i guess that will make it cheaper thanx for the advice guys

sorry about the late post, but wen u sed the 2 x 2.75 there is a tyre out there other than the koxx that fits those measurements and that is the new Monty tyre !!!

just thought ud like to know :wink: but that can only fit on special 19" rims along with the other 2 x 2.5 tyres !!

will the monty 2.75 fit onto the kh freeride rim ok? or even the dx32?

thats a link to some of the info on the tyre, its actually 2 x 2.7 lol but not a huge diff so it dont matter