They don't make uni's like they used to.

Literally, look at this uni. OUCH

I had one kinda like that. When I was thinking about trying my feet at unicycling, my ex said “I have my uncle’s old uni from when he was a kid.” it was rotting in her basement, so she gave it to me. It lasted 45 minutes, just long enough… :smiley: A week later, my 24" Nimbus arrived!


Wow, just look at the seat cover picture. It is just a piece of fabric over a steel seat. Hard rubber tire means no shock absorption. That makes my crotch hurt just looking at it.

haha hell that’s better than what I learned on. I used my cousins old uni. had the steel seat, the rim was bent, and it was missing a pedal so I just used the metal rod which the pedal was supposed to be attached to.

And I thought my torker was crappy! Sure puts things in perspective.

Am I the only one thinking this is pretty cool? I’d buy it if I had the money and if there weren’t that many things further up in the priority list… It’s a piece of art.

looks like shart!

…and I thought my Torker CX’s child-size brick saddle was bad. The fear of the pain caused by falling off backwards actually prevented me from learning to ride the thing, until 5 years later when I finally bought myself a comfortable KH saddle. Only then did I discover that riding a unicycle could actually be fun :slight_smile:

I picked this one up not too long ago. Seats have come a long way. I wonder if 16" wheels were believed to be a good learner size?

uni1.bmp (400 KB)

uni2.bmp (446 KB)

parts of that look similar to the one I learned to ride on … I’ve never seen a seat like that, and never hope to see one, but the attachment for the fork to the axle looks like what I learned on. After some use the bolts refused to stay tight, and the axle wobbled leading the tire to rub on the forks and effectively brake throwing the rider (me) off. That uni was fixed up however, I think the axle bracket was welded to the fork, to cure the wobble/rub, and then my cousin learned to ride on it also. By the time his little sister was old enough, she thought riding a unicycle was just something every kid was supposed to do, and she also learned on it.

 All this just because my uncle was riding by a yard sale one day and saw a unicycle for sale which he bought and gave to my family just to see if we could learn to ride it.  My sisters never gave it much consideration, but I accepted the challenge, and without any assistance, how to's etc. learned to ride.

I give props to all those that learned in the age before the comfy seat. With how bad my knees were when I started, and a really bad seat, I probably wouldn’t have stuck with it.

Here’s some other cool ebay uni’s

lmao … +1