They Broked

My only unicycle/impossible wheel broke…

unicycle-3rd pair of pedals, bent crank, duct-taped seat, 3rd tire, bent rim, popped tube, rusted frame w/stripped hardware(I can’t unscrew the frame to salvage the newish tire), and the bearings looked “shaved” from rubbing on the frame.
impossible wheel-snapped axle, rusted spokes, peeling tire

p.s. I didn’t break them doing some retarded thing they couldn’t handle. Just a lot of riding. If someone wants to purchase them, pm me, and I’ll put it towards the KH I’m getting:)

ok um well, when you bend stuff you know you have put it through something it cannot handle.

as for the bearing cap bolts, cut them then you can get your tyre out.

the rim well obviously you put it through something it could not handle

did you ever check your spokes?

nobody will buy it

i have a feeling that the kh will be one of the worst looked after unis in the world…no lie

Point taken, but I would do nothing but treat a Kris Holm with the deepest (near sexual) love. And I wasn’t serious about selling them:o

sorry if i came across as mean but that uni has definateley not been looked after…

and i hope you do treat your kh well