these r so sweet

these pedals r sick

But how is their quality?

That doesn’t matter.

pretty much. there awesomeness beats everything else.

I think it would be wrong to actually ride on those pedals, except maybe on a street-cruising showoff bike (or unicycle). I like the second one.

They also look heavy, which again makes them candidates for the cruiser.

I’d like them to still be functional if only for cruising. I’m not the kind of person to let something sit by the side and just be for “looks”

Weaksauce. MG1 or MG1 TI is the way to go.

Not weaksauce.

I prefer healthy pedals. Should I apply cough syrup before I ride?

Sorry, I may be confusing you. Let me try again.

i want gud peddles shud i put coff syrip b4 i ride


btw, those pedals were posted on this forum before