these pedals suck!

well a while ago i bought these pedals becaus everyone says they are great but gues what by doing something as simple as a rolling hop over a 34cm high obstacle the right pedal snapped! heres a pic of the dx pedal or whatever they are called.

if by “dx” you mean Shimano DX…thats not a Shimano DX pedal.

That looks like your average cheapo BMX pedal.

here they are on UDC NZ

yeha… i have broken my standart qu ax pedals

I’ve heard of chain suck, but not pedal suck.

But those photos do suck.

For a brand new pedal to snap like that, it probably had a defect somewhere in the spindle. Or maybe you just need stronger pedals if you plan on doing lots of drops. I’ve destroyed pedals over the years, but mostly from impacts to the sides of the pedals. Never a broken pedal from hopping or dropping.

if those are the kinds of pedals I had, I know they’re weak, but I didn’t know they were that weak…I bent mine pretty bad on a five foot drop. that’s pretty crazy how you broke it though.

That’s crazy. You could have gotten hurt really badly if you had been doing somthing crazy like a big drop.

no offence matre but thats a bit of a crap side hop
i can get bout 1.21m (121cm)

How many inches is that, and no offence, but dont knock on my dawg homes!

yer but i wanted to see what i could do and i pissed on his cornflakes its bout 44.5"

[threadjack] Can you really sidehop that high? If you can your my new hero! My old hero was zack Baldwin, he could only sidehop about 100 cm [/threadjack]

as u said ‘sidehop’ i went and done a side hop, a hop to the side i think i can only get bout 55cm high so i congratulate u there mate thats an impressive hop. and just out of interest what size wheel is that done on? cheers

pwned n00b :slight_smile:

If you’re doing big drops that have consequences and haven’t noticed that your cheap pedals aren’t strong enough then yeah, you could get hurt. If you’re doing drops onto things like elevated structures where a broken pedal could lead to a bad fall then you probably ought to think about making sure you have good pedals designed for aggressive riding. Pedals designed for aggressive BMX riding are the kinds of pedals you should be looking for.

Stronger pedals are generally more expensive but they don’t need to be super expensive. Stronger pedals will have a spindle made from stronger steel. Stronger pedals will have a larger diameter spindle that doesn’t taper off the diameter so quickly. Look at the spindle that broke. The diameter went down really quickly after the pedal wrench flats. Strong pedals aren’t designed like that.

u can piss off u retard it says sidehop not high jump so shut da f**k up and go ride a b*ke. nob!

You should read this:

Calm down Butty, you obviously misunderstood the stat. Don’t rise to fexnix’s bait…

Being totally honest, I side with Butty (reluctantly) here. I would have assumed a quoted value for sidehop would be the distance, not the height, so a 75cm sidehop is fairly straightforward. However! A sidehop that manages to gain 75cm in height is a different matter, and is definitely cause for some celebration. I’d be interested to know, was it seat in or out? I’d assume out since I can probably just about pedalgrab 80cm seat in, it must be seat out… Good work anyway Fexnix, i’d love to see a vid sometime.

Back on topic, its unfortunate that cheap pedals break before expensive ones, but there you are. You get what you pay for, and I’ve never paid less than £30 (bout $50) for a pair of pedals. Both those pairs (only 2 needed) are still in great condition, and rock solid.


It must be nice.
Breaking pedals is definately a scary feeling.
The only thing I can think of that would be worse is a complete breakage of the seat post.

maybe you should try this

how2growadick.bmp (336 KB)