These pedals any good?

Since I got my dx about 10 days ago probally the highest drop I’ve done is maybe 4 feet and only a few I can drop higher but have been working on sib and flip trick combos. and my stupid welgos are already bent. I was wondering if these would hold up?

No. Not for trials or MUni, OK for street. I would get the metal Jim C Odassys

Edit, how did you bend the pedals? Did you bend the axels? I broke part of my Welgos right off.

Me too. Oh wait I already did.

Yeah the axel is bent in the pedals and the right one is clicking. I’m riding pretty much strictly street. Do those Jim C’s last when you just grind without pins on em cause i dunno If they’ll crack like previous pair of wellgo’s I had. The Pedals I posted, are they stronger than welgo’s?



They are much better than the wellgos. You can grind on them. i dont think they should crack because they are made to grind on and such. all of the pins are removable which is nice.

Who cares why.

jk. they are stronger than welgoes and have enough grip on them. thers also a whole post on whether jcs or primos are better. that probably gives some good reasons.

Worst post.

I think they look good for street because they are plastic. This is better because they are lighter, this makes flip, revand unispin tricks easier, less wight on the outside of the wheel (centripedal force?).

I find that to much grip is a bad thing for street, but hey, I ride plastics to, check the ‘unicycle pics’ thread.


The jcs dont have too much grip. you can take your foot off if you want too but enought grip to keep your foot from falling off. great pedals

I like the plastic Odysseys; they’re dirt cheap and they work pretty well. I don’t think they’d stand up to a huge amount of abuse, but at $11, buy two pair rather than spending way more on a set of pedals that’s not really much more likely to survive abuse.

Thats a little harsh.

Let me correct myself.

These pedals are not very good. The plastic pins will wear out quickly. The only good thing about plastic pedals is some people find it makes crankflips easier since they are lighter. Some plastic pedals grind well, but they wear out quickly.

The metal version of these pedals are heaver, but will last much longer. They are designed to be grippy, but not too grippy.


Yea, sorry about that. But, you can see that everyone is just posting things without saying why they think this. Thanks for updating your post, I am glad you did decide to.


I don’t really give a shit if they wear out. I might just buy two pairs. If I had the dough I would so get those Atomlab trail pedals they look awsome for flip tricks :sunglasses:

Thats what I use. I think they are awesome for street. Plastics are the way to go if you get into techy flips and street.


yep those are good, if you like tech street and grinding… I have 2 sets of pedals… 1 metal for high impact 1 plastic for lower but more techy-ish

So for the last 2 years I have used the same pair of Odyssey plastics. They are a great pedal for street, and hold up well to trials. I have landed and messed up hundreds of 6’ drops to flat and transition. Done hundreds of pedal grabs, grinds, and anything else you can do to abuse a pedal.

Personally I love these pedals they don’t hurt your shins like metal and have great strength. Oh yea they slide real nice too.

Oh and yes the bearings in mine are thrashed but I’ll ride with them for another two years before I even think of replacing them.

Cool I’ll go buy em!!:smiley:

Jim Cs!!! oh well i guess those are good too.

well maybe its just me but i bent a pare of those jumping a small 6 set. id say go for some jimmy cs. but jimmmy cs are heavy but stronger then the plasic ones.