These ladies made my day!

(Does anybody know why this YouTube link does not show a thumbnail for the video?)


I suspect it is related to it being a Short.

I guess that this forum software doesn’t unfurl the thumbnail data and display it like a standard YouTube URL.

Alternatively it could be the extra bit at the end of the URL including and after the “?”

But I also have a feeling it make not expand it from an edited post.

*note I could be totally wrong on all of this. But that my geek-hunch :nerd_face:


/shorts/ links aren’t supported yet by the forum, but coincidentally, I’m working on it :smile:

Meanwhile, just right-click on your video and copy the video link:

Or manually replace /shorts/ in the URL by /embed/.

I edited your first message to write /embed/ :+1:


Great, thanks!

It’s a great Vidéo.

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Great job climbing that stuff! Is that a 24?

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Thanks, yeah it’s my 2007 KH 24 still in good shape.

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