These 10 levels are bummin' me out

In my opinion I’m am a decent unicyclict. i can do 2 types of mounts. i can ride my 24 inch and my 36 inch coker almost effortlessly. I can make pretty tight turns (of course i don’t measure to see how many meters in diameter my turns are). But i cant for the life life of me mount my unicycle with my left foot. I just can’t do it. And frankly i dont realy have the desire to mount with my left foot. i don’t see what advantage it has except getting my to level two. I want to try to do a seat out in front, but the levels dont talk about that untill like level four. I dont know these levels just frusterate me. Should I just forget about the levels? i mean I thought i was pretty good untill i read the levels and they pretty mutch told me i suck. So yeah it frusterates me.

yeah i would say dont worry about the levels. just do the type of riding you enjoy most and maybe take a break from the levels if they are frustrating you. Mounting with your other foot isnt too important but it is helpful when playing something like uniHoki or of the sort when you need to mount fast and dont have time to switch the pedals around. Just pick the skills that interest you (if you want to learn seat in front start working on it). im guessing many people on here could do a 180 unispin (a level 10 skill) before they could do many of the tricks in levels 6-9.

The 10 levels are not from everyone. mabye take a break for a while and just do what you like to do.

you could try mounts like the side mount and jump mount or kick up mount which are more interesting.

hope this helps.

There was a time when riding a unicycle seemed like something you just couldn’t do; but you practiced it and learned it. I am not a leveler, so I had never bothered to put effort into learning wrong-foot mounting, but I tried it just the other day and now it’s pretty easy for me.

Use the levels if you want to, but don’t let them frustrate you; the only goals you have to acheive are the ones you set for yourself. And goal #1 of riding a unicycle should be to have fun.

Forget about the levels if they irritate you. ENJOY unicycling. It’s good to hear you’re out there riding and making progress.

I’m in central PA, State College. There are quite a few riders in PA. Hope to see you around sometime.


YES they are sooooo dumb! i dont think ill ever make it to 2… i sorta arnt even in 1… cuzz i still havent mastered the free mount… but can go the distances and over things needed in level 2… yes… the levels are BAD… they make the standards too high… so… when you acomplish somthing its like… pffta… thats only level 1 still… gosh…

i agree they frustrate people

i like the levels because they give me something to challenge my self with. when i have been practicingthem and im not doing that good i just get on my unicycle and ride down the street

The levels are for freestyle. If you are still learning how to ride then you shouldn’t look at those yet. If you can’t free mount then you probably can’t really do anything else other than the 2 other requirements for level 1. The levels are just a guideline, if you don’t like them then do your own thing.

The nice thing about levels is that they provide a gradual structure for improving your freestyle skills. Don’t let them get you down though. Unicycling isn’t like a video game where you master it after playing for a week. People practice many hours and many years to hone their unicycling skills. So be patient, and keep practicing. If a certain skill frustrates you now, try something else for a while and return to it later. Of course, unless you just want to ride around without ever doing any tricks. :wink:

Also, I wouldn’t advise completely dismissing the “leveled” skills just because you are not into freestyle. What I’ve found is that everything I can do on a unicycle makes me an all around better rider no matter what type of riding I’m doing. For instance, after initially learning to ride on a 24", my second uni was a 29" that I used for riding in the hills and longer distances. What I didn’t realize until afterwards was that even riding the 29" improved my sense of balance and smoothed out my pedal strokes which carried over when I returned to the 24". And I was out for a spin on my 29" a few weeks ago when I “accidentally” transitioned from forward to backward riding with a frontspin because it felt right, even though I wouldn’t purpose to practice frontspins on my 29".

As for skipping ahead in the levels, if you feel that you’re ready for riding seat in front, go for it. Just keep in mind that you need a decently smooth pedal stroke to do it, and some of the more “mundane” skills may help build up to that skill. Take your time. There’s no rush. Ride and enjoy. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the tips. Its just that I’m starting to get bored with just riding around and i want to learn somthing neat to spice it up. i figured a seat out in front would be a good place to start but got discourged when i looked at the levels and saw I was only a level one. Any tips on what would be the best trick for me to try to learn?

dont worry, just have fun, i was that way at the start too, but you’ll get over it

The 10 levels are useful for comparing the difficulties of tricks, and learning some progression. However, you don’t need to do all of level 2 in order to try tricks from level three of four. For example, i can’t cleanly frontspin or backspin (level 6) or ride seat-on-side (level 5) but because I personally like practicing foot on tire skills, i’ve learned to glide and one foot wheel walk proficiently, even though those are higher level skills. For you, learning to ride seat-in-front might be harder than opposite foot mounting but if you practice what’s fun for you, it’ll be fine.

Try seat out in front. :wink:

Just do what you feel like doing. That’s what I do. I don’t think I’ll take the time to learn to wheel walk, but unispins? Sure!

to me the levels mean nothing…they are not a cage in which to damper your progress theyre there to guide you…like hopping is a level 2 skill i think but i was hopping before id even accomplished anything in level one.(for mounting i would use a curb and block the tire.

i could hop before i could ride, and i can ride seat in frount and am trying to learn how to Wheel walk, so these are all over in the levels so i say just forget about the levels and have fun :smiley:

I agree with others here in that the levels can give you something to shoot for. But, unless you’re planning to test and pass levels, don’t worry about it. I don’t think I could pass a level 3 test but there are a couple of the level 5 skills I can do. Mostly, I just like to ride around and I like knowing the skills that make my riding more enjoyable. Before I learned to ride up curbs I hated having to stop and get off and then remount. Now I can ride up a small (10cm) curb (level 3 skill is to ride over a 10cm obstacle) and keep going. Idling and hopping make getting around a little easier and more fun too, although I can only idle with right foot down. A good reason to learn to do stuff with either foot is to try to reduce any dominant foot problems and even out your riding. I did learn, with great difficulty to mount left footed and I’m trying to learn to idle lefty. I’m learning (slowly) to do rolling hops so I can get over parking curbs and such without having to slow down much. For me it’s all about riding more effectively. Everybody has their own motivation to ride. Some people are all about reaching a certain level. Others are happy to just ride around the block. To each his own.

I agree with dale_dale .
I start riding 7 month ago and I could hop and also sidemount before I could ride :slight_smile:
Now I can make a jump mount and hop on the wheel and a little jump over a distance. I always try tricks that seemed to be easy for me independent in what skill level they are.
My daughter for example goes a totally different way of learning tricks. She is 1,25m and me are 2,00m :slight_smile: This makes some tricks not possible for here from the physical point, even she rides much better than me.
Two weeks ago I also heard about a group of 10 riders that trying to reach Level 4 but 8 of them do one part in a different way as the skill inspector likes it.
Forget about Skills and enjoy riding !!!

There will be time enough for skills when you need them. Maybe you will never need them in your live !

I dont think you should base your riding on the skill lvls, but everyone once in a while look at some of the levels and try to go for.

They really do help with your riding, mainly freestyle but you can incorprate those skills into other styles of riding. Who knows, one day you can be doing trials, hopping arounding SIF then you jump from one object but end up with your set on your side, if you learned from the levels you can just continue riding SOS (seat-on-side) or you can just use them for an extra little challange when the thing your practicing gets to be too tideous.