there's something strange, and it don't look good...

I’m somewhat new to unicycling and therefore unicycle maintenance/repair, but I have a little problem. When I ride, there is a pulse or a twitch which I feel in my left foot. This occus every couple revolutions or so. I’m wondering what the source of this might be (I don’t think its the pedal). So if anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.


Tighten yor cranks. Your pedals could have a faulty or silpping bearing in the pedal, which you cant do much about.

yeah your cranks are probably loose, which you need to tighten straight away or it could strip the threads and make your cranks and even hub useless!
To tighten your cranks (Im assuming you have cotterless cranks) take off the dust cap, there will be a little bolt in the end of the crank which you simply need to tighten with a 14mm socket wrench…its easy but should be checked often.

To add on some more, tighten them up really good, then put some blue loctite on the bolt. (not too much, but enough to keep it from spinning)

thanks a lot, that worked