There she blows!!!

The product description and Q&A for those adapters indicate that they aren’t reversible. Technically speaking they are reversible, but you don’t get any benefit mounting them backwards.


Yeah, I read that too. Oh well, I guess I’ll have too use a good quality V brake.

Btw, I guess I could get this hub for the narrower wheelbuild?

The cylinder hits the bracket and doesn’t move in any further than with a normal bracket. Second picture on the product pages shows the bracket mounted backwards.

Ah pants

Oh well who needs a brake going up hill :wink:

Exactly! On the ride back down I can just glide down and foot-brake it! (Which is probably an accurate term since even my 5.10’s sole would wear through on the first descent!) :stuck_out_tongue:

I run Racing Ralphs on my mtbks and I think they should work great for you. I run them tubeless and at low psi with no burps or roll offs. At high psi the center bead should work great for road and drop some air and you are good to go in the dirt.

You misunderstand me. I was talking about a road slick like the Big Apple many people use, or maybe a Duro Easy Ride 29x2.35 (60-622) or Schwalbe Marathon Supreme 28x2.0 (50-622) which are what I have on my road going 29ers, rather than a road racing 700c tyre. Admittedly the Schwalbe is on a narrowish rim, but the Duro is on a wide uni-specific rim (and both came with the unis when I bought them s/h rather than me choosing them!) The point is that for riding on the road a slick has to roll better than anything with tread.

Eh? You’re getting caught up in the marketing talk there - normal road bikes use the same diameter rims as 29ers. Is your point that normal road racing tyres are low volume (and smaller diameter) than you want? I’m not sure I’d choose to run a tyre that narrow on a uni for various other reasons - not least that I’ve seen several reports of handling getting interesting. I also note you mention running tubeless - I certainly wouldn’t run a narrow road tyre tubeless unless it was one specifically designed to be run tubeless and on a rim also designed to run tubeless. If you do want to go a little narrower, then you could do a lot worse than the Marathon Supreme I have on a slightly narrower rim (though TN719 I have on mine would be no use as it’s disk specific) - or even the Marathon Racer, which I’d pick for speed over the Conti Gatorskin you linked to any day (and only 375g in a 35mm width).

The hub doesn’t care how narrow the rim is - in any case, the flange spacing on a standard uni hub is no wider than on a road bike hub which one of those is usually laced to. It would be fine. (BTW the Eclipse hub you link to wouldn’t fit in your frame as it has narrower than standard bearing spacing).

I’m on my way to pick up a continental race king I had ordered last week. it’s 29 x 2.20 and has very good reviews. I should have read the reviews on the Vee Rubber 8, the one that blew off my rim and the subject of this thread.

The following is one of those reviews:

This is a good looking tire at a great price, problem is it keeps coming off the rim, don’t inflate it past 30psi or it may just blow. Sloppy fit. Too bad it is a nice tread pattern and a fast roller on the pavement and hard pack. would recommend looking at the Kenda Line.

Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend