There has been a delay in TWNR shipping (not too bad news)

Hey everyone, I just got notified that my dvd I submitted is somehow unreadable abd I will not be able to make my feb 19 planned date…

This does not affect theFeb 19 Release party, and only delays release date by a week.

Unfortunately no cpies can make their way to motorama, however for those attending cleveland:

I will have my own playable version of the movie on the projection screen as planned. the only thing not able to do is have customers leave with brand new copies.

however, I will be making temporary ‘technically good as new’ hommade copies of the movie for people pay for a copy there. you can watch the temp one until the new one is recieved.

If you really don’t care about recieving a temp one, the less i need to give out the better (but am more than prepared to come wit enough copies fo anyone intersted)

Sorry about the delay, but in the long run. it’s not that big a deal.

Thanks, see you on Sarurday!


Can you post instructions on price, shipping costs, ordering and payment methods?

I’d gladly put in an order.