Theoretical BC wheel skills...

Whoa wait just a minute… That link totally WORKED!

Is the gallery back?

Anyways I just wanna say that Andrew Carter is insane. I barely have the frijoles to try BC wheel the alone BC spins and stuff. Good luck and more power to ya.

Hey I didn’t say I could do it yet, just that I’ll give it a good try.


I had some more ideas. you could try a reverse jump mount; that is, send the BC wheel rolling, run around in front of it, and jump on it backwards when it catches up to you. Another possible stunt; while rolling forwards, twist around on the footplates until you are facing backwards with your legs crossed. Then, jump up, uncross your legs, and land, riding backwards.

Has anyone ever done hand wheel walk on a BC wheel? I would think it would be even easier than on a regular unicycle, since your weight is on your feet, not your stomach or other uncomfortable area. It should be possible to hand wheel walk forwards of backwards, or even one-handed. A word of warning about one-handed wheel walk though; it has a nasty tendency to turn into hand glide, which is very painful, especially if the tire is already hot.

By the way, I don’t have a BC wheel and probably won’t for quite a while. I really enjoy theoretical unicycling of all types though.

ive bin riding my BC a little bit over the last couiple of weks…

i got grinding sorta down. once you get onto the grind it gets a little easier. jeff groves is apparently really good at it.

tried a couple of 2 foot drops and hopping up about 2 gutter’s height.

backwards is real tricky but.

good luck with backwards BC. i nailed myself

i realy wanna go out and try a mini ramp… little bit suicidal but.
i value my tailbone.


Actually a uni without a saddle is just a very uncomfortable ride. A unicycle without a frame is more like an ultimate wheel, but to make it easier for the rider the pedals are usally closer to the wheel. Hard to explain but imagine really thick spokes… like 4cm thick… pedals could attatch directly onto that. I don’t really know how to explain it, but sofa has pictures of his which will show this well.

Ok… then you need to see Rodney Mullen’s section on Opinion (Globe’s skating DVD) you will like it!

how do you hop on a bc wheel?

hi wots a bc wheel

Since the foot plates are in an ‘L’ shape, you just sqeeze your feet together, pressing on the vertical part, and jump. I assume, anyway.

There is a picture of one here:

And a much cooler version here

I made one but i neglected to learn. there’s pictures in this thread.

EDIT this is a BC wheel. oh and Brian can you bring the UW36 to NY whith you if you have room?


BC wheel grinds have been done… some nice ones too.


Done and Done :slight_smile:

nice us S.W.A.T. members have something to bring that no one has, that we know of.

Hand wheel walk is relatively easy on a BC wheel. I would consider it the safest way to get started on one. It’s a great way to get a feel for it, while having some control over keeping the wheel from shooting away from you.

A BC wheel is like a regular bike wheel (rotating axle) wth pegs or foot plates on it. No pedaling. You push it and go, or go downhill like a skateboard. Or use ski poles, like I used to have.

The reverse jump mount idea was interesting. But you have to bring your momentum with you when you jump on. If you stand in front of the wheel as it rolls toward you from behind, then jump on, you’ll be going nowhere. You need to jump in the direction you want to travel.

I’m not sure if you can spin a BC wheel without power input. Since you’re only coasting, it might be more of a spiral than a spin. Or a short spin, I guess. What I do is ride into a spiral, make a quick 180 at the center, and try to come out riding backwards.

I don’t ride a BC wheel, but here are some theoretical ideas.

How about “powering” into a spin by reaching down and touching the ground with a hand. Might be fun to lean into the turn with the hand as a pivot point and then spin out of it.

Could you start a lean into a turn, grab the wheel for braking action and use momentum to create some spinning action into a spin? Braking while leaning should create some type of movement that could be used for a trick of some sort.

This thread has me thinking about making a BC wheel. :astonished:


Has anyone tried handrails? that would be cool.:smiley: