Theoretical BC wheel skills...

I plan to buy myself some platforms soon from the hardware for my BC wheel and then try a couple of new things. I was thinking the other day about three skills that would be interesting…

Backwards riding - Maybe get into it via a 180 degree rolling hop or a quick little turn at slow speeds.

180 twist over the BC - Ride forwards, jump up from the platforms, spin 180 degrees, land backwards, continue to ride backwards.

Idling - At first I, like most people, assumed this was theoretically impossible (it’s most likely impossible in practise anyway) but maybe not. The way I’m imagining it it would involve idles of very small ‘amplitude’. Since you can correct your balance on a BC wheel with body movements, why couldn’t a skilled rider idle for a short time.

Well I’m going to seriously attempt the first two anyway. But before then I’ll have to get platforms for the wheel and proabably convert to a 20" instead of a 24". I might get those platforms tomorrow and maybe even a new wheel.

What are your thoughts? Any other skills that are intersting? Has anybody here (on these forums) managed to hand wheel walk a BC wheel? That would be very impressive.


Joel Burgess has been working on Grinding

This kid is become very, very good.

Wow! You’d really have to be confident with basic riding for those transitions in and out of the grind. I want to see videos! :slight_smile:


man, tricks on a BC wheel just sounds like imminent death to me. Best of luck to ya turkey!

How about spins or pirouettes? Maybe you could roll along and grab a pole spin around it. If you can hop in place, then try a bcwheelspin which would be just like a unispin.

I’m thinking of making a BC wheel… out of interest, if you’re going to be doing the jump mount, will a normal off a crappy old bmx bike live through that? Is the jump mount the best way to learn to ride one?

the jump mount is very scary at first, but once you successfully land on it, you are going quite fast, and that ends up helping.

the ‘skateboard mount’ is a little less creepy, but you start with next to no momentum, so it’s quite awkward.

A skateboard mount on top of a slight down hill seems to be a happy medium, you pick up speed quite quickly.

I have been able to slow myself down by leaning the wheel and have it drag against my shin pads

if you already have a wheel, I’d use that and if the axle bends, buy a real one, or a new wheel with a thicker axle.

::evil grin::

How about the halfpipe?

But seriously, a scaled down version of a halfpipe would probably be interesting. But if you really were able to do a full sized halfpipe, it would be a huge step forward to the acceptance of unicycling.


Here is how I picture it:
The BCist rolls into the halfpipe, rolls down and up the other side, and to turn leans back and pushes against the wall with a twist to land facing forwards again. Tricks could involve handstands on the halfpipe’s edge, grinding, or nearly anything else you can think of.

What’s a “BC,” wheel?

it’s also called an impossible wheel

‘BC’ wheel comes from the comic ‘BC’ where the caveman rides a round rock with a peg in it

(I wonder how much shipping would be on an authentic BC wheel)

you roll it and hop onto it, there are no ‘pedals’ so you are more surfing than unicycling

it rolls suprisingly far on flat surfaces

Once you get the hang of it, it would be close to a skateboard’s ‘effeciency’ if you were ride any distance with it although a lot more physical!

I thought the imposibal wheel was a unicycle with out a sadle, just a wheel with pedles. But a BC wheel sounds like a skate bord with one wheel that you stand on, is that right?

I think a unispin on a bc would be cool. You would have to hold on to the wheel and hop in place then spin it. The hardest part would probably be riding out of it because you would probably have to hand wheel walk to get moving again.:smiley:

A uni with out the saddle is called an ultimate wheel. A bc/impossible wheel is just a wheel with platforms or pegs that free wheels.

Do you have a picture, really cant imagain it.

check the link called ‘impossible wheel’ a few posts up in this thread

skills here in england

hi, ive just joined this site but have been unicycling since i was 7, i am 14 now. im from england, london. have any of u lot ever tried skipping, it sounds basic but it looks fantastic, especially when the rope is on fire.

Also have you tried some of teese things:

Jumping up and down steps and ridding down steps.

Ridding whilst holding the seat out in front of u, and then down steps when you feel you’re good enough.

Ridding the unicycle with somebody standing on the back of the saddle holding on to your soulders.

is there anybody else from england here?

freddie gerrard.

hi Fred, welcome…

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To answer your questions…Yes. All of those things are always done. (but congrats on being able to them!)

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just remember: no one can ever see too many new threads, so start up a new one with any further questions this is a picture of a bc wheel!!!


I keep waiting for someone to wheelwalk a BC or Ultimate Wheel. Might sound “impossible” but I betcha someone could do it with enough practice (like a year).


I’m beginning to think that BC wheeling is going to become a very popular new style of unicycling. I think it’s partly because it’s quite similar to skateboarding. I’ve always told myself that if I ever chose to take up skating I’d do ‘flatland’ riding (I know that’s probably not the word for it but I mean manuals, etc, etc similar to flatland bike stuff). So that’s what I’ll do when I get my BC running.