Then there were 3

This afternoon, Matt (mkuhfal) and another Coker owner that I briefly met about 6 months ago finally got a chance to get together for a little Cokering action. We got in a nice little ride of just over 10 miles and sure turned a lot heads!!!
Most people in this area have never seen a unicyclist in person, much less 3 at once and all riding the Cokers!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That had to be a sight. I love this sport. It’s been berry berry good to me.

Sounds like a ton of fun. I’m sure Bugs is thinking what I’m thinking, “I wish I’d been there too!” --chirokid–

3? Why, that’s almost a herd

Great job guys.


You mean that’s ‘un-herd’ of?

Yeah, that ride was a ton of fun… can’t wait until the next one, or for all of us to go up to Austin and make a fricken’ huge herd :slight_smile: Also, Kenny, I still am hoping to ride my Coker on the thursday night ride next week…

Are you still up to getting the “herd” together @ 9 on Saturday?

don’t tease me i want a coker! :frowning:

Yes! Even though it is 9:00 AM!! I’m up to it. Should be awake by the time I get there. Oh, I got your voicemail too…