Thejoltjoker summer video 2010

My video from this summer.

Nothing special

nice riding + editing.
i´m sorry about your teeth =o

jeez…yeah did that faceplant happen on the railroad tracks?

no, actually i bit through my lip and broke them when trying to do a pedalgrab from a pedalgrab.

Goode, stuff, eh? Nice riding, and I quite dug the filming/editing. Where was it filmed if you don’t mind me askin’? Looks nice.

loved it!

The editing was so fresh!

The level of trials Wasn’t insane but you use your abilities so very well the whole thing was entertaining! loving the rail ride’s and gaps. especially that last rail ride, smooooth transition!

hope to see more videos from you soon :slight_smile: keep up the mighty fine work

Amazing video! loooved the editing.

Thanks :slight_smile:
(I didn’t think anyone was going to like it :P)

It was filmed on the west coast of sweden, in a small town called Lysekil

That was really good!
I agree that your editing was superb…
Måste ha en mycket trevlig kamera.
Utmärkt jobb!

LOL on trycing to speak swedish :slight_smile: but it was correct.

You deserve all credit, you are amazing, and you keep develop like crazy :slight_smile:

Cool vid :sunglasses: + 1 on the editing.

It might be a bit much for you, but I saw a few cool lines in there:
1:05 Gaping from the deck to pedal grab on the stone wall.
1:12 Pedal grab over the bench to the wall.
1:22 Gaping from the first rock over the second to pedal grab on the third.
2:09 Hop from the rock over the post, w/ the camera moved so you are going mostly towards it. (and/or the bench @2:38)

Teeth…ouch >.<"
Doing that is one of my worst unicycle fears :l

Anyways, I loved the video, sweet editing. I’m eager to see another!

Ohwoops. My brother (obtusellama) left himself logged in and I posted from there. Last comment was from me…aha

Finally another trials rider around here. Nice vid though…I LOVED IT! Lol we’ve all had some banged up teeth every now and then.

Awesome video! It is not every day we have videos so well edited and put together. Loved the question marks floating above thouse peoples heads xD And the lighting bolts, ouch thats nasty about your teeth :o Liked the video very much.

haha, the teeth are fixed with some plastic now ^^ I’ll try to make more than one unicycle video every summer, since everyone seemed to like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done, dude!!

Loved these “?” over the non-unicycling-aliens xD :smiley:

thanks :slight_smile: haha, yeah I thought it would be a nice detail to put there :stuck_out_tongue: