TheDan.Com Video "Jack's addiction"

I don’t know for sure, but I think those socks may have disintegrated a while ago. Or at least there’s not enough left of them for them to be useful as socks anymore.

No problem, Jack has apparently replaced them with a Converse fetish. The shoes last much longer if you keep switching pairs!

My favorite part was when the second drawer was opened. Nobody could have thought that up as a script idea; my guess is that’s they way Jack keeps them. Yes, the funk must be impossible to contain in the closed drawers. Keep thosse windows opened!

As to what’s the addiction, my answer would be that he’s addicted to being Jack. It’s not the shoes, it’s not the shorts(?), it’s the whole, undefinable package. Ride on Jack!

dude, sh-haaa… can I get some credit?

he actually keeps them in these shoe bag hanger things.

anybody here happen to know the big-cheese at any good film schools?
(seriously, hook a brother up)

If it’s theDan saying he thought it up, I can believe it. Mix theDan with Jack Hughes, and anything’s possible. Great, weird film!

Sorry I don’t know anyone at the film schools. My brother was studying to be a cinematographer back in the 80s, but that was a long time ago…

I want a “you don’t know jack” shirt real bad now…

that was some funny stuff!

That was hilarious!

I have the biggest smile on my face. I’m glad you filmed that!

–Irene Genelin

Would Jack like a pair of these? 'Cause I can arrange that. Multicolored Sharpies are a wonderful thing.