TheDan.Com Video "Jack's addiction"

whatsup playahs?

keepin it real i hope… anyway, check out this fresh new jam from

its like 3 an a half mombobombos (mb) (cool new slang) and like 1:23 minutes lengthwise, seewatimsayin?

so word, I drop drop it likes its hot, dig?

aint nothin killah about killin, fa real?

I filmed this shizotizam while I was cruising up an down the west coast…bayyy-buh… and I rolled up on Jack’s crib and was like ‘word’

so yee, check it, an check, hot new shit about to be posted.
see yall real playahs at Toque, fashizzzzle.
Keep it locked,
dig it, (money in da bank, bitches)

He forgot to wear his lucky socks? :astonished:

That is so friggin cool… Nice job.

My recollect from CA Muni Weekend 2003 is that Jack had just one pair of Chuck Taylor’s, not two drawerfulls. They stunk up my trunk; good thing Hertz didn’t care about the funk.

This is illin dylan all up in this maw, and I gotta tell you to hold up one sec bro, cuz that vizzideo was off the hizzle farizzle. HOLLA! Anyway, D to the Y-L-A-N got yo back hard knowamsayin’ mawfugga? Peace suckas. Let me see yo one two step.

YES! that was awesome.

Aerostar! I think I almost died.

Thats pretty awsome danny. Thats an interesting coker jack has

Belissimo! The film was based on an idea, it was funny and the music took me right back to the ‘dizzy days’ of the 1970s. Seven and a half points!

Fantabulu! :sunglasses:

Fresh! A nice change of pace for the vids I’ve been seeing.


ya dan that wus frekin sweet !

THAT SO ROCKED! :smiley:

Finally, I get to see a video with some using handle bars! I always wondered about that.

Great video!

Funny vid

I bet there is ‘funk’ smell each time those drawers are opened. :smiley:

Damn G,

That was pretty funny, and that is a lot of shoes by the way, trying to see which shoes went best with your beard?

Haha, that was great.

-Sabin Arditty

Now wheres the electo/waffle video?

I don’t get it, is his addiction shoes, or unicycling?
or nudity?

juuust kiddin, nice job, I liked it. ( :

LOL :smiley:

funny stuff


Yeah, twas quite funny indeed!