THEDAN.COM team shirt, want one?

hi everybody, I am thinking of getting some shirts printed, and I just wanted to see what kind of demand there would be.

thats a link to the shirt design in three differnt colors, I will only be making one color, so input about which color you like best is very welcome.

I will probably be selling them for 10$ and then like $3 for shipping, although I havent research shipping yet, but thats what my mom said it would cost. also, if you want one tell me what size please. I havent made them yet but I’d like to see what you all want.
Ride on,

Dan, I want one!!!

Any chance of printing on other colored shirts besides white. I vote for a Blue shirt with White or Yellow thedan logo.

I want a Med whatever the colors end up being…


Chex took the words right out of my mouth.

Love the shirt but white and I just don’t get along.

I’d do large.

it would be more like $12 a shirt with $3 shipping to have shirts that are not white, Im not opposed to it, but It more expensive,
Ill make some previews for yall to check out.

Hi Dan,

I would buy one, size large, preferably not white. How much to mail to Canada?


i dont get it…

Re: umm


I still think they need a neat little graphic for the “KILL” part. Someone being stabbed would get the point across.

so, a medium for mike, a large for unibrier, a large for Knowfear… who else wants in? 12$ each, shipping around 3-4 dollars, unless your at callifornia muni weekend, in which case, Ill just bring it for you.

woo hoo!

Dan, put me down for an XL. The blue one does look better than white.

thanks… Mojoe

Ewe… Knee… Brown… Kill.
Ewe… Knee… Charlie… Kill.
Ewe… Knee… Peanuts… Kill.
Ewe… Knee… Sigh… Kill.
Wait! Ewe Knee Sigh Kill! Ewekneesighkill! Ewneesikil! Unicycle!


I suppose I might buy one. I wouldn’t have five seconds ago, but now I would.

Put me down for an a blue XL

I’ll be at CA MUNI WKEND with 12 bucks in hand.


I am interested in a blue XL as well. Another one to ship to Victoria, BC, Canada.


Add me to the list. very impressive and creative design… dig it.

i’ll take a large in whatever color you’r printing. black with a gold metal flake screen print would be my first choice.

i would be cool though if there was a little cartoonie thing for the “kill” part.

Awesome…I’d buy one in BLACK

yeah, and if u put a bow/ribbon in the sheep’s hair, u can lose the (EWE)
those who do not get it weren’t supposed to

how much for shipping to south africa?

less confusing?




MORE confusing!


Put me down for a non-white, black preferably large. Very creative design and I recommend leaving the word “kill” in there. I like it better that way.


OOOO i’d love to wear one of those (black, adult small) any day sign me up for one and send me your address so i can sent the moneys.