The Youngest Unicyclist In The World!

Ziggy Maxwell Cohen at 5 weeks.

He’s one cool dude!

A pair of blocks for the pedals would probably help. :astonished:

ziggy maxwell! 217.jpg

Lol dude that was just random. But I think it should have gone into gallery of funny pictures…Is that still around…Anyway I want to see a clip of him riding :-p

long awkward silence

your neighbors must think you’re really strange.

They know I was born that way.

he’ll have to wait until he’s 1 before getting on the Coker

I’m stretching his legs as we speak! :astonished:

That balloon’s cheating…


I think that’s a world record.

Expect the guiness people at 6.

Don’t dissapoint them!!! They’re gonna want to see a baby riding a unicycle!!!

the youngest ever was 18 months