The youngest 36" Ultimate Wheel Rider!!!

At 5 years old and with only 40 minutes of practice, I feel comfortable saying, “It won’t be long until he rolls the 36” UW unassisted"!!!

oysterfest 016.JPG

oysterfest 102.JPG

oysterfest 101.JPG

He’s going to need a little more inseam length before he makes his first attempt. But nothing wrong with dreaming big.

Looks like a very talented lad.

What a disappointment, you missadvertised this…
But that kid is cool!


Believe it or not, he gets the wheel around for three rotations while just holding his arm. Prior to 6yrs old he will be riding!

I agree, Adam! That’s so awesome. :slight_smile: Perhaps a 36" UW is in my daughter’s future, too. She just set a new unicycling record by riding coast to coast on a 12" uni. :smiley:


That is AMAZING!!! Nice job!! I’m throwing that up on my FacceBook page if you don’t mind?

But a 20" is doable. Beau Hoover rode a 20 UW to first day of school (I think it was first grade).

Very impressive Adam. I remember seeing the video of Ziggy’s first ride across your living room. Looking forward to any more footage of the star that you might send our way. :slight_smile:

Another very talented rider.

No problem. Thanks

If I remember correctly it was 1.5 mi. He rode the whole thing, w/ multiple breaks, w/ his dad. Nathan rode a regular uni.