The Xuni Games (pronounced Zuni)

There’s been much discussion on the forum about various forms of unicycling (trials, street, etc.) being included in the X Games. From the majority of threads that I’ve read, it seems that most people feel fairly pessimistic about ANY form of unicycling being included in the X-Games anytime soon.

Why not create our own event to showcase what can be considered “extreme” disciplines within our own sport. We can call it the “Xuni” Games – short for eXtreme Unicycling… or one of you more creative types can come up with a better name for the event.

Whatever the name, I think the Games should include Trials, Street, Rolling Trials, various forms of Coker Races, and Geared Coker Races. Events such as standard uni races and freestyle shouldn’t be included in my opinion because these types of events are already included at Unicon… and they wouldn’t really be considered to be “extreme” by most people. There may be other “extreme” types of unicycling that could be included that I’m not recalling at the moment, however… so please remind me if I’ve left something out.

It would be a great venue to have unicycling’s world-class athletes compete at a single series of events for the various fast-growing, eye-catching forms of the sport. It may even be possible to get corporate sponsorship and television exposure for such an event.

I think we should take matters into our own hands rather than wait and hope to reach the point where we can be considered for inclusion in the X-Games. It may turn out that the Xuni Games (or whatever we call it) becomes a successful and popular event that the general public look forward to viewing. With or without corporate sponsors and TV exposure… it would still be a really cool, fun event… that would certainly draw spectators and generate exposure for the sport.

What do you think?

id participate just to beat HCR and Mackenzie on cokers. lol no i would like something like that. i would join in and help set up and stuff. all the way.

That’s a very cool idea indeed! I think it would be awesome to have some people devoted to organising such an event get it going big and awesome! Get it some publicity etc.
But yeah that is a good idea…im surprised no one thought of it sooner…like a Unicon for the extreme stuff.

I know you’d kick my butt in a bunch of events, especially those that require endurance… but I gotta believe that despite your youthful advantage… I’d still edge you out in something! It could just be wishful thinking on my part, however :smiley: ! Even if you beat me across the board… I’d still have loads of fun, nonetheless!

Thanks for volunteering to help out, Nick… that’s awesome! I hope members of the forum will come together and help make something like this happen because I believe it will take a group effort. I hope we can make this event big enough to attract some of the amazing riders from overseas, too… that would be incredible! If you are interested in helping make this happen and/or competing in such an event, please respond to this post. Thanks!

Yeah it’s a good idea, it seems strange that Unicon is getting so competitive and yet it’s still called a convention. Just the word “convention” sounds a bit too “startrek freak meeting” to me.

Perhaps XUni could become some sort of section within unicon (kinda like if you put X-Games in the Olympics)?

I’m not sold on the idea of “rolling trials” though, what the hell is that? Maybe leave our coker races for unicon too. Trials as a sport is about JUMPING across obstacles… that’s why it’s extreme.