The Wrong Uni, a MUni adventure

For those of you with a short attention span - stop reading now. This is a report of a recent ride and has neither fantastic writing ability nor any quizes. It’s also quite long. But there are a couple of photos to break things up.

Well the day dawned dark and windy for yet another day (must be about three weeks now since we had a nice calm sunny day). Yet again, for about the twentieth day in the past month I gave up the idea that I would like to ride for miles on my N36 to train for the 58 mile bikeathon in July. Debated whether to give up on the idea all together because I’m getting so stressed about not being able to train. Then decided to shelter from the weather in the woods on my Muni.

I decided to ride a route I had ridden once before. It goes through a small wood for about a mile, then out onto a quiet country road for about half a mile or so and then on through another wood. Last time I had ridden it I hadn’t got very far through the second woods because it was nearly lunch time and I was hungry so I had decided to go home instead. This time I took a couple of biscuits.

The ride started well. Through a quiet woods that were blue with bluebells. Very pretty and very fragrant. Nothing very challenging, just an earth footpath through the woods. Very peaceful. At least it was until I heard some people talking and then I heard shooting. I didn’t want to be accidentally shot, not even in the name of unicycling. I knew I was on a public footpath that had no ‘Danger shooting’ signs on it but I’m also unfamiliar with the laws on shooting and whether there was a particular time of the year when you should keep out of the woods if you don’t want to be shot, and so on. Not wanting to be shot I decided get out of there. I decided instead, to ride down the road that ran down beside the woods as, when I had been there last time I had decided this road was the one on which I would have come out on at the other end of the wood.


bluebell woods small.jpg

The Wrong Uni - part 2

Anyway I set off down the road, riding beside the wood. After I while I thought that it didn’t, at this point, look very much like the road that I had ridden down on the first visit. Although it was a different time of year. Maybe that was why.

The road was very pretty. It was a country road about the width of a car. Wild flowers grew on the verges in a perfusion of colour and nice smells. The hedges were high and so I was sheltered from the wind. The birds were singing and sheep were …. well, doing whatever the noise that sheep make is called. I rode on, thoroughly enjoying the countryside but not enjoying the feel of the onza’s wheel on the road surface as much.

Three miles later it was becoming obvious that the road I was on was not the road that a quick ten minutes ride through the wood would have led to. I wondered where that road had gone and where I was going. I had an idea that if I carried on in a certain direction I would come to the crossroad that the second wood had led off. Wrong again.

I ended up going past a very pretty pond and then ended up at the motorway along which I could not ride the uni, even if I had been mad enough to do so. So I turned back.

I knew that if I continued going back along the road I would get back to where I had started. But decided that was for wimps and since it was such a nice road, with very few cars that I would continue with my adventure and try a different road that I felt sure would lead to the edge of the wood.

A mile up the road I was afraid that the road was not actually leading anywhere, except to somebody’s farm so I rang Jim (who was expecting me back “in an hour or two”) to warn him that if he wanted to see me again before tea time, he might have to come and pick me up. (I had my GPS with me so I wasn’t worried about actually getting lost – anyway the sea is one way, the motorway the other, there isn’t that much road space in between. I don’t live in a big part of the country, like the mountains, where it’s definitely possible to get lost.)

About a mile later down a really wonderful little country road past some different woods, which I longed to go and investigate but thought I better concentrate on finding my car instead, I recognised a caravan park and realised that I had just past the track up to the first wood. I decided to risk being shot rather than ride the six miles back on my onza with a not very comfortable older KH seat on. Luckily the people doing the shooting seemed to have gone and I was soon at my car after riding through the woods long enough to at least get some mud on my tyre.

So, not much Muni, or even off road riding. But I found some wonderful roads that I didn’t even know existed. And it has opened up a new world of possibilities. I can’t wait to go back on my 29er or the N36 to explore more of the lovely quiet country roads. It’s a fantastic place to ride, and I had a wonderful ride. Although the slowness of the 24” uni meant that I was really able to appreciate the view and the countryside, I was really on the Wrong Uni and I’m definitely going back, as soon as possible, on a bigger wheel.

small pond.jpg

So it wasn’t all bad that you took the wrong turn, in fact, it was good, because now you have an entire new world of MUni to explore!!
I wish there were more MUni trails close to where I live…actually there are except you have to drive to get there, and I feel like riding to get there.
Good writeup, five stars!!

Hello Cathy,

Your link from ‘Quote of the day (from non-riders) thread’ works!

Sounds like you did find a great place to ride. Great write up, enjoyed reading it.

i didnt read it but it sounds like you discovered a brand new place to ride, i have to ride up a mile to a park to ride, i did today, and i jumped up and crank to rubbered a very high picknick table, round 30-34 inches, idk how high it was.

Thanks James_Potter and Crashing, I’m glad you liked it.

hehe, i believe down in my part of the world we describe this as a ‘BAAAA’!
I must say i have a short attention span but decided to read it and am glad i did… A nice story to start my day:)
Let us know how you go when you return to this location;)
I may even take my 24 up the bush today and see how i go:D
Take care.

Cathy, good to hear you had a nice ride :slight_smile:
Great that you have such a nice forest in a vicinity.
My trails are further away, but still, can’t complain.


Enjoyed that Cathy. Good ride, good report.
Not sure about shooting except that grouse shooting starts August 12th. I would have thought that in the breeding season all shooting, except for vermin, was banned?


Great write up! Sounds like a fabulous place to ride. I love the freedom to explore that being slightly lost gives you, without being so remotely lost that you have to break out the emergency blanket and start gnawing on roots. Your trip report makes it very tempting to abandon my chores today and hit the road…

That’s the problem: the vermin insist on going out and shooting living things - and they keep breeding too, that’s why there are so many of them.

Cathy - don’t sell yourself short. You had a lovely ride and did a nice write up - no need to preface it with an “apology”. I think more people should write about where they go on their unicycles. It’s an inspiration and helps those of us who are busy busy busy to keep the flame burning.

Unicycling isn’t all about spectacular drops and clever moves - although they are a perfectly good way of enjoying the sport - nor is it all about technical issues like wheel sizes and cranks.

A big part of it is just the pure joy of getting out on a wheel and going to places you wouldn’t go to on foot or on two or more wheels. It’s waltzing with gravity in nature’s ballroom.

I’ve been out on the motorbike a lot recently. My friend and I have two general rules: if the main road is busy or straight, turn off; and if you get to a junction, choose the narrowest road.

That led to me taking an 800cc sports bike through an axle deep ford the other evening because turning back would be unexthical. It also had me rinsing congealed horse droppings off the radiator this evening.

But as I was riding along the ridge that overlooks the Vale of Belvoir, and the sun was low in the sky, and the fields and hedges were turning to pastel, I came over all unnecessary and sentimental. We are lucky to live on such a beautiful island. Enjoy it as much as you can, and share that enjoyment with your friends in this forum.

Nice write-up Cathy.
Ain’t Wales great?

Yak yak.


Cathy, I’m so happy for you for finding such a sweet place to ride. And I am envious too… I need to get “slightly lost”. I wonder… Is it easy to get lost on purpose? :slight_smile: