The worlds youngest unicyclist Ziggy will appear on the Wendy Williams Show tomorrow

My man Ziggy, now 5 years old will appear tomorrow Friday 11/11/11 with the King Charles Unicycle Troupe. In NY on channel 5 at 10am & channel 9 at 3pm. His segment is at the end of the show called surprise Wendy Williams.
Way to go Zig Man!


Awesome! I hope you will record and post it.

My daughter is 7 (learned to ride at 6) and has done a few school talent shows. A little tip… if Ziggy favors turning one way over the other, make sure he’s set up to turn that way in the show.

Good luck Ziggy!

Congratulations on the airtime! How did you arrange to be on TV? Did you call them or they call you?

Did the “world’s youngest unicyclist” thing contribute to their interest? Reminds me of once when we went to see a (low-end) circus back in the 80s (at Nassau Coliseum). They announced they had the World’s Youngest Baby Elephant! And he was only five years old. For a moment, I was very worried for the species (if no elephants had been born in five years that would be bad). Then I remembered that was a great example of circus puffery. :slight_smile:

Sell it! I hope you have lots of success promoting unicycling as something beyond just a hobby; something that will be financially sustainable!

The following is a link to watch my man Ziggy appearing on the Wendy Williams today.

Way go go Ziggy! :smiley:

Ziggy was definitely the highlight! Nice riding! :sunglasses:

I can’t believe those guys are still riding Schwinns! Just goes to show you they may not be great, but they can last forever. The giraffe looked like it may be a Tom Miller (Unicycle Factory) creation.

And of course Ziggy showed them all up. Great coverage!