The worlds toughest MUni race?

I just thought I’d try to drum up some more interest from NZ and also overseas in doing the Karapoti Classic this year. It’s only 2 months away, on Sunday March 7th 2004.

This is a 50km Mountainbike race that rates as one of the top 25 MTB race courses according to Velonews. It is also the first, and only, mountainbike race in NZ to have a separate MUni category. I don’t think there are any other 50km MUni races (correct me if I’m wrong), so that makes it the toughest MUni race there is.

A 24hr solo race might be more demanding, but I have yet to see any with a special category for unicycles, so I wouln’t consider them to be MUni races.

Anyway, heres the link:
The Karapoti Classic

And story and pics from last year:
Karapoti 2003

To all the NZ unicyclists- this is THE race to be in. It is a lot of fun and there are some great prizes. I hope that the unicycle category becomes permanent and grows in the future, and we need your support to maintain this.

Seeya all there!


If I can get a return ticket for under $200 I might be able to join you all. I’m waiting to see if the rumours are true that Virgin Airlines are about to offer really cheap flights to NZ.



If you make it here I’ll pay for your entry :slight_smile:


What about my entry fee, Ken? I’m also in Brisbane!!:smiley:

I did this race last year on my 24" MUni and it took me nearly 6 hours. I think I’ll use my 29er or Coker this year. For those who don’t want to ride the full 50km there is a 20km race as well, which several unicyclists did last year.

Nice try! But I’m sure we can put a roof over your head and feed you.

GizmoD, in winter time (here in the USofA )my ambitions seem to far exceed my abilities and I am considering an Endurance race or two this summer on the MUni (50k’s)…I was wondering if you could give me any hints, tips, suggestions, on MUni set-up, what to carry with you, what to wear (pads?), how often you walk/rest , etc… I have ridden a few Mtb Metric Centuries so I am not totally clueless, but I think maybe input from someone who has done distance MUni would be helpful :smiley: