The worlds shortest video!!

Okay I finally edited and made my own video, its quite short though, because I didn’t have much time. I just need some tips, how do I remove the backround sound, so I only have the music. Also whats a good free editing software, I was using Windows Movie Maker, thats why its so cruddy. Also comment on how you like the video or hated it.


Haha, well you’ve gotten a lot better since the last time I rode with you.

You can adjust the audio levels by going to edit --> audio levels in Windows Movie Maker. Movie Maker kinda sucks but it gets the job done for free. My first two movies or so I used Movie Maker, but then I went to Vegas 6 and never looked back. Vegas is totally amazing but a little pricy.

Oh yeah, just from personal experience, you might not want to jump off a picnic table very many times on that uni. It held out in the beginning a bit, but now is starting to become unusable with its bentness. I’ve had to switch over to my 24" Onza, which actually is a lot of fun. The Nimbus is schwing for climbing stuff though.

yeah i have gotten the crank crabs down now!!

Cool vid. When you jump off picnic tables like you did its always fun to see how far you can gap out, instead of jumpinh straight down.

Are you riding a nimbus trials? I thought one of those would bend if you jumped it off a table.

me, for a video editor, i use iMovie. Yes, i have a mac. ALL HAIL MAC POWER!!!

word, except I use final cut.

YEAH! macs rule!
imovie’s pretty awesome for a free one :smiley:
(well… free w/ a computer)

Mr. 26"’ hop, how come you didnt hop up that second ledges a tthe end?

Because the ledge I was on was about 4 inches wide…and also I can only do around 26 with a pre-hop Mr. Evan.

I have another question about the editing. How do I add music using Windows Movie Maker, for the music in my video I used some other really bad editing software, and then used Windows Movie Maker for everything else, but is there a way to add music using Windows Movie Maker?

Go to your timeline and import the music into your collections and just drag it to the line that says audio or something you can postition it where you want and cut it and stuff.

for some reason it doesn’t work from itunes it says it doesn’t support .m4a how do i change it to mp3 or wav or hwat ever

Its called a satic prehop man!

How much is vegas? and what does need to download?


Its about 360 dollars if you find a good deal, and you don’t need to download anything if you buy it, haha. As I said, a little pricy.

Go a download the latest winamp, then go to Options—> Preferences. Go to Output under plugins and go to “Nullsoft Disk Writer”. Click configure and convert to “PCM” audio. Anything that you put in your play list and play will become a wav.

(as a side note, you can convert from and to any format you have a codec for with this method).

Now go remake that movie with sound, haha.