the world highest rolling hop?

what is the world highest rolling hop?

i am pretty sure dan heatons in universe 2 is the highest but heck you never know someone might have a higher on in the next syko film.

jacinto ayuso does some really high rolling hops

I pretty sure someone have jumped higher then dan heaton but he or she hasn’t film it.

wich hop are you talking about in U2?

probably the one on to the pallets, because that’s like freaking HUGE.
I’m sure there’s a record database somewhere, but I can’t find it right now. people have done at least 1 meter probably more on to an object, but over a bar I’m really not sure…

Yall, you might want to keep in mind it’s been a while since U2 was filmed. There’s no way it’s the record. That rolling hop was only like 36-37", not very gigantic. Dan landed a 40" a couple of days ago, and I’m sure he’s done bigger. Zack has probably gotten 40 rolling, since he’s doind 37 noprehop seat out and 40-42 with a prehop.

The highest hop is great and all, but do they have a contast at any of the uni conventions where you have to get a certain height consecutivly like three times or so to prove you can stick the height every time? I mean i’ve done rolling hops well over 1.5 feet, and i’ve only been ridding for a few months. But as for sticking that every time, not ganna happen, my average is more like a foot. and I think the average is what should matter, because that desides how big you can go. Although all this trying to get higher and higher is ganna be blown away, if/when they make unicycles with clutches. Because then we will be going just as high as the skaters.


This has been debated before and I completely disagree with you. I hold that I don’t care how consistent you are. A record is a one time thing. I want to know the highest someone has jumped, not the highest they consistently jump. Also, if I have landed 36" before, whether or not it’s a fluke, I will try it again, meaning that my record plus about 2-4" decides how big I will go (at least for me). That shows that there’s no reason to ask for averages.

I see no use in a unicycle with a clutch. It will add weight, but making people go faster won’t help the rolling hops since they will have to pedal for the jump its self.

All depends

It’s really hard to tell what’s the highest. Probably gets alittle higher very often. There are many factors, size of cranks matter for speed. Tire pressure also matters. With lower pressure it’s easiery to jump higher, to an extent of course. Zach B. does have a great side hop, but the idea of a rolling being high becuase of a side hop is kinda basing water and oil. They have very little similaities. But yeah. Whatever. Jumping is jumping. Good luck to all that are trying for height.

I couldnt resist, that was funny(CLOSE!)

I think that when doing any kind of trials a side hop is much more useful than a rolling hop. Ryan and I have both side hoped 42 inches. Dan has rolling hopped around 42 inches aswell. I can see myself and ryan hopping 45 inches in the next 6 monthes.

Dude I dont know how you do it…

Technically, there is no world record for rolling hops, or side hops. Nobody is doing competitions, so there is no standard for what counts. All results will have to be ad-hoc, and you’ll have to take the word of the person posting the results. This is easier for someone we know than for someone we don’t, but that isn’t exactly fair, is it?

I have encountered a tendency for people to be very bad measurers of hops & drops. Usually they don’t bring anything along to actually measure with, and often the measurement is done at an angle, or otherwise gives inaccurate results.

At the bottom of my posts are links to the USA and IUF Rulebooks, where you can see (I think it’s in there) how we do our high jump competitions. I am not aware of a side hop or rolling hop competition ever being held (yet).

Why a high jump? Because non-unicyclists immediately understand what it is. Also because it’s much easier to set up than an adjustable platform that can both support a rider and be stable enough, especially for rolling hops. If somebody wants to build one of those and tote it to Switzerland next year, or Ohio this year, I’m all for talking the organizers into adding the event to their schedules.

Clearly a side hop and rolling hop competition are more practical in terms of what people do out in the world. The nice thing about the high jump is that it’s harder. You not only have to reach a certain height, you have to clear it with your entire wheel, pedals, and body, and then ride away. High jump heights should always be lower than side or rolling hop (record) heights, but I have no problem with our method of finding the top jumper. Clearing the bar is hard enough. If you do it once it counts. Of course you have to do it lots and lots of times to win!


thats cool

When I did the meter hop and the bigger ones I used a centameter tape measure.