The word on Adam Ryznar

In the Is kris still riding thread I asked “what has happend to Adam” I also emailed Dan Heaton this is what he said.
Regarding your question about Adam…

He pretty much stopped riding when he went off to college about 3 years
ago. I still had some interest to ride, but things faded away because
he never had a unicycle that was strong enough for him. He also had a
lot of other interests…

There is actually 2 older shots of him in UNiVERsE 2.

Just if you wanted to know.

surely now he could fnd something strong enough for him. semperuni’s frame, a kh wheelset (still no one has broken one, right?), carbon fiber seat, etc…

tugboat has broken a few kh cranks i think?

My KH hub and crank (one of them) are bent but not completely broken. Put that down to poor foot posture and probably poor technique though…they’re great hubs and cranks.


Save for the annoying nubs.


Thoes Nubs are gone on the newer versions or will be soon

many people have bent kh cranks, my bro included, by i have heard that no one has broken one.

so what kind of thing kills the kh cranks?
loads of big drops, or just one realy big one?
i’m just wondering