The Wonders getting local TV coverage

Our club, The Wonders, in Washington County, south of Pittsburgh, PA, will be shooting film for Dave and Dave’s Excellent Adventures this Friday night. About 6 weeks ago I contacted them and told them about our club and gave some possible ideas for their show. They liked it and have set up a shoot for this Friday. They told us they would be with us for 2 -4 hours, seems like a lot of filming! Just today I noticed they have listed us as an upcoming show and have posted a link to The Wonders website on their site. That seems to make it a pretty good possibility of getting into one of their shows.

Dave and Dave are local TV producers who do short clips on an evening show (On Q Magazine) and then take the clips and put several together for a 1/2 hour show on Saturday evenings called Dave and Dave’s Excellent Adventures. They highlight fun and unique things in the Pittsburgh area. They don’t have tons of material, so the Saturday nights shows tend to repeat, so we might get several shots at some TV time!

I’ll be sure to keep you all posted on when it will be broadcast and will see if I can get a way to post for everyone to view.

By the way, our site is pretty basic, but we are working on beefing it up a little for the incoming viewers (we hope!) It’s a free site so we are a little limited on the possibilities.

Bill Hamilton
The Wonders

Congratulations, Bill… that’s really exciting news and it’s great to hear that the sport will be getting more exposure thanks to your efforts - way to go!

I hope someone can record the show and upload it to the forum because I’d really like to see it.

Once they come by, I look forward to hearing about how the shoot went…

Hey buddy, this is the cabbie you met today, I cant wait to come out to the next meeting up on 121st and Riverside!!
You got my blood rushing for a Cocker…Im gonna start saving up for one.
Btw, You handle that Cocker real nice!

Thanks a lot, Ivan… it was great to meet you and I look forward to seeing you at the next NYUC meeting. Check out this link:
The Fever is Spreading!

Now I’m really sensing the disadvantage of doing the music thing for a living. Now the club gets some fun exposure and I have to “work”! Maybe we can call Dave and Dave to cover our “wobble” of Cokers Friday afternoon!!! All jabbing aside (and we love to jab), thanks Bill for setting all that up. My girls are going to love it!


Every week you get to be the entertainment for the masses. On stage for a living, a professional entertainer. This TV shoot gives us common folks a chance to get a little bit of the spotlight, too!

You’ve got a sweet job if your only complaint is missing one night of unicycling with a TV crew!


Hey bill thats great news

Im really glad to hear that the club is doing so well. I’d make it to a meeting this winter if I wasnt in Geneva,Switzerland but hopefully I’ll meet up with the whole wonders crew sometime next year.


hmmmm…riding on stage at Heinz Hall…hmmmmmm…riding playing the horn…hmmmmm

This will be awesome!!

Hey Bill, way to go with that shot for so much great publicity for the Wonders & unicycling in general! This will no doubt put southwest PA & the Wonders on the unicycle map. You’ve done a great thing there in a short amount of time, I’m envious… in a good sort of way! A big THANK YOU for letting me be a part of this coming weekend there, looking forward to riding with you & the other Wonders again AND the opportunity to be on TV on top of all that! :slight_smile:

The Dave and Dave’s Excellent Adventures shoot happened last Friday night. We had 18 of our own club members and PUC (Tennessee) founder Eddie Kmet joined us also. We had a lot of fun with Dave and Dave and the crew. They say the show will air in January and then will be put into a rotating schedule for the fall of 2006.

They spent about 2 hours with us and the cameras were shooting most of the time. it will be fun to see how they use that much film and make it into a 5 minutes clip.

We’ll be sure to post when it will be aired and will try to get a clip to post.


I just found out the TV coverage of The Wonders Unicycle Club will air this coming January 24 on Pittsburgh local TV station, WQED. It will air at 7:30 pm and at 11:30 pm.

Sure will be fun to see how it turns out. We are going to try to get the segment posted on the forum.


This is a bump…the broadcast is this coming Tuesday night, I will be recording the event on my camcorder and posting it ASAP, probably Wednesday a.m. We’re having a viewing party for the club, should be fun!!


Steelers Mania

Due to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ win in Denver yesterday, there have been many programming changes at WQED to facilitate the addition of Super Bowl specials. The Wonders Unicycle Club has been bumped from the schedule back into the “COMING SOON” category. I’ll update this thread when the spot is scheduled again.

Unicycles bumped because of the Steelers getting into the Super Bowl…what is the world coming to? I mean REALLY:)