the witchdoctors rehab diaries ( zombie flick )

the witchdoctors rehab diaries ( zombie flick )

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Pink Floyd
‘Welcome to the Machine’

i said

you are

a huge cunt

stop sendin me pics of

megan gale goin down th catwalk

every time th words

huge cunt




i dont think she means it bad just

makin a comment on another chick

fuckin models


th outside looks ok

wot u bitchin about ?


bein pschic sucks some times


when that time

bill clinton and

condaleeza rice were on th news together and

my psychic diary

had some buggers stray thought

pop in th day before

of him buttfuckin her in th closet

we didnt know they were in th same country even

they were in th usa


i still think condie would laugh

knows whose mind i was reading


not news to her


h weird things that
th abo secret service uncovers


mostly dont make sense
till after th fact but


we make a real kill


get enough backwards clues to th event we’re reading

we ca make those

so asked for

straight predictions

would be easier if they arrived that way

th cops so pedantic


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‘Fuel - Last Time’

but that was at our last meeting


and i was caught in th

garuda disaster backlash

wot i get fr tryin to warn th feds

a month before

two feds died in th crash

i had fuckin warnings

travel warnings

in place


i dont see all

just wot we need to see


my forever eyes


cursed things


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tracy chapman

fast car


yeah i can

just about drive blindfolded

ride th unicycle with my eyes closed often enough


my apologies to megan gale

i woulda picked on yr tits bein too big

but ya get that



yes black


“it’s about now”

"michael that we used to sing with "
“in th valley of guts would say”

“i think that’s enough paulie”

we killed off paulie


scuse i
th mullbowl calls

wot’s selena rabbiting about ?
"u know where she works’

“and wot she called her kid”


oh ok


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‘Day You Come’

a white powder


i’m busy dear

another time perhaps


th other side of th flight line
isnt in oz is it ?

“let it go jen”


too many of th ppl i know
read my diary

when they think abou it i
get whammed soem times


i cant help it if th kuta lady bitch
doesnt know wot a fuckin
get out of jail card is


not my problem


86 wasnt so thick


pirate jenny preyed




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Deborah Coleman
‘My Heart Bleeds Blue’

i never said it ok


deborah can be vocal


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:28:45]
Wendy Mathews
‘The day you went away’

didnt i get married to this song once ?


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:30:16]
Cat Stevens
‘But I Might Die Tonight’

if i wanted u dead

i’d only have to thinka bout

james black professional psychic hitman


yr still a bitch though

about that son we had together


a wild young man


my black fella

traditional aborignal elder hair

au naturel

he got


[Song data auto inserted by jenny.exe at 20:32:13]
Kanye West
‘Golddigger Ft. Jamie Foxxx’

only my house

and a bunch of motorcycles


and part of another house


i’m still laughin


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Joni Mitchell
‘Big Yellow Taxi’

hi 86


when ya train yr gift

it wont bite u so much


unless ya usin it

fr big shit

then it bites

fuck it bites


still in rehab


th indian doctor thing

turned me into a bit of a zombie


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City High
‘City High Anthem’

big magic

and a big echo



veteran of a thousand psychic wars

used to it but

it hits


clawing back at


when i dont liv ein much of it

too magic

and miss lohan

sittin there in rehab

got more than a few disturbed


when paris was inside

i had to cruise thru a drink drivin

black style

and get away with it

not on purpose



i was in rehab before she was


thought she was in th can


how did u get my number ?


doesnt know who she is


i can read back
my psychic diary and



who am i ?


always livin two lives

in rehab

tryin to find

some thing

to tie my soul into one


james black

all my personailities

can live inside th one
cover name


male female
black white


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‘Not Many (Remix)’

not so secret agent triple o

but not on th news

coz of national security

it’s all good


i ejaculate therefore
i am

pirate jenny

'james black"

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‘Hooker With A Penis’