the witchdoctors rehab diaries (still got two motorcycles n th back yard)

the witchdoctors rehab diaries (still got two motorcycles n th back yard)

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‘Born Slippy’

every time
i feed th two
big fat black bitches

th mungrel dogs

i see my two 360 yamha motorcycles

one of them is my father’s old bike

i rode it fr years racin 750 fours down mt nebo and beatin em


methanol in th fuel


two different heat range spark plugs in th head

means ya had to stop

to change plugs after th bitch warmed up

i cared

fuckin hit HARD

when th power band came on

bye bye jap multi


two upon a jap multi

perfect primary balance

v four

down mt nebo

telve minutes flat

beat th eddie lawson replica

two up and

ellie norm arse

was a good passenger

we had about even passengers

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The Kinks

told ya we could beat th cunts


he on a thousand

and mine is a shaft drive


poor cunt


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Foo Fighters
‘Learn To Fly’

i had a broken frame

th black cunt laughed most of th way down th hill


my playground


lost enough mates to this mountain


hi dan


on any wednesday


i begged one mate
to register his triumph

it;s a special bike


th other

askin me

if i;m comin to th biek swap meet


my brother arrived though

raved about it


when we had two
sidecars and

both pulled th odd wheelie on em

and my unicycle used to fall out th side


he’s pulled it again

ravin to sum cunt

tellin tales about his mad older brother on radio


go hard mouth


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C:\DOCUME~1\pav\Shared\Blood Hound Gang - The Roof is on Fire.mp3


hey roofer dude

utterly fearless

wi good reason


one of



i’ve lost another mate to th mountain

th big moutnain of kuta

th old volcano we call

the gap

even little brother knows woz only a vent


we;d race down th moutnain
half cut

searchin for the right stuff
th guys who had it

lost it
wrapped around a tree


then we watched

go off a kerba t ninety mile an hour

thru two barbed wire fence and

come back up onto th road

told ya yr misssus should have rode her own bike


we all shook fr some time

but got drunk and stoend

all th same

up there at kennelworth


she ahd an rd 350 yamaha
two stroke

maniac’s mchine


when he wasnt watching

zaphod that is

she rung shit out of


he had two heads u understand

they cut off th good one


bit like me


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‘Sour Times’

rehab sucks

but not smellin bitches pheremones is

almost as good as tailor fishing on frazer island


largest sand island in th world


to date

things change


i came
i saw

i laughed my fucking head off

then i noticed how many dead cutns there were


ah well


ya get that

triple o

australian aboriginal secret service (retired)

waddya mean

you dont see me as aborignal

i tellt hat to th nmxt cunt int h street

who asks me

if my ppl

preferr aborginal or


my ppl

prefer to beec allled ppl

yes my nickname is



yr pushin it


was mor efr myt nature than my amibiguous skin colour

th pigs were scared of me

still are…

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Harvey Danger
‘Flagpole Sitta’

Woopee, you’re back!

I liked it, especially the bit about the unicycle falling out the side when you pull a wheelie…