The windy way home. anyone want to ride between Utah and Sask?

sweet! what will you be driving in? JW

had/am having a great time in Tennessee. Next up is Maryland then New York then Ottawa by Sunday.

Anyone in Ottawa, Hull, or Montreal want to go for a ride while I am around there? I don’t need any couches on the Canadian side of the border.

I should be in Ottawa on Sunday the 18th and leaving Montreal on the 22nd. Not sure when I am hopping over from one to the other.

Sass, you said Maryland? Where and with whom? I can offer you a bed in Southern Maryland (Lusby, Md) and recommend Cedarville State Forest for some moderate Muni and a fun leafy rooty riding.

If you’re heading further North in Md let me know and if the schedule allows I’d love to come along for the experience. Weekends are good but my boss values a fit body for a fit mind and would give me time off if I don’t have client appointments.

Keep us informed…

Regardind nurseB’s and knox’s pics your manly bare chested riding in Tenessee makes absolute sense…with no prospect of seeing sun for several months I’d be vit E loading too.



Hey Pax

The plan is to ride with munimag on Wednesday some time. Not sure if it is going to be muni or road. He is up near DC

I think you mean vitamin D :wink:

ERIC: you are a total boss!!!

Really, Montreal after Ottawa? Montreal’s pretty well straight east of Ottawa.

I’m only back in the capital from Kingston on Dec 21st (possibly the evening of the 20th). Let me know when you figure out those dates!


… awaiting reports/photos from Maryland’s rides with Munimag & Pax.

Untortunately this mid week ride didn’t mesh with my schedule at work. I too look forward to more of Eric’s adventures on the way home.


Just caught this thread and got excited before I saw the revised route. I’m having trouble understanding why anyone would go out of their way to see the East Coast… ;).
Anyhow, have a great trip, and maybe I’ll catch you in Montana next time.

I didn’t realize I had a fan club wanting to know about my rides :stuck_out_tongue:

Went for two rides with Calude (munimag) yesterday. just under 10 miles of slightly soggy singletrack in the morning then another 7 miles of firmer rockier trails in the afternoon. The climbs on the second ride felt extra arduous.

It was a great day.

Looks like I might end up by-passing New-York which means I will be able to spend a bit more time in Ottawa and MOntreal. current plan is Ottawa on friday eve and Montreal on monday.

Nice hair cut :stuck_out_tongue:

Arrived safely back home yesterday just before supper.

I had a blast and would like to thank everyone who let me stay at their places and showed me around on their trails. I wish I could have accepted all the invitations I had and that all the potential rides would have worked out. A “next time” is never out of the question.

Hope you all had a wonderful christmas!


Eric, it was a pleasure having you stay with us and do some muni, Southern style!

I don’t know that I’ll ever get as far North as Denare Beach, but maybe Saskatoon or somewhere in Western BC…

Have a good winter, days are getting longer, it should be Summer in no time :stuck_out_tongue:

I had a blast riding with both of you! hope everything goes well! stay safe!