The windy way home. anyone want to ride between Utah and Sask?

So I left Nathan and Grace’s place in California on wednesday with the intention of taking a relatively direct route back to Saskatchewan, then the next thing I knew I was in Moab, Utah.

I am going to stick around here for a few days but was wondering if anyone wanted to go for a ride with me on my way back home. Mostly interested in MUni and 36er stuff.

Sooo. if you are in Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, or Montana, (or maybe even Nebraska and the Dakotas) and want to go for a ride let me know. I am not going to go any further south and need to be back for christmas, other than that my schedule is very flexible. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not exactly on your way home, but I’m willing to do 20-30 miles a day. Just snowed/rained so the singletrack is going to be closed for awhile.

Supposedly Buffalo Creek is still rideable in Pine, CO (just saw a pic posted by my old LBS), go ride it now.

As far as 36er riding, head out to the Colorado National Monument, it is an awesome loop! Less than 2 hours from Moab.

Man, I miss Utah and Colorado so much. Best part of the U.S. by far.

Thanks siafirede, I will have to check those out

Max, I will definitely let you know if I end up in your neck of the woods but not planning on going to far east unless I decide to visit some friends in Montreal “on my way home”

Yeah +1 from me to the Twin Cities!

Hey Eric, we were just in SLC, skied with a Bert (upd in utah) didn’t even think about unicycling cuz we were too busy sliding :smiley:

Did you have fun in Moab?

Also…not sure what the riding conditions are, but Fruita is probably still rideable if Moab is. Suss out the book cliffs right outside of town, free campgrounds there and really fun singletrack right next to the campsites! Night riding if you have lights.

Fruita is also less than 2 hours from Moab. I did a similar trip 2 years ago around Halloween to the book cliffs then co national monument and moab.

OK new plan. I need to make it to Montreal for the solstice, then blast strait home from there.

here is my new plan, I wouldn’t mind going a bit lower in the states since I have never been in that area before.

Ben: I am still haveing fun in Moab.

So when do you come to Vancouver?

I was there for a bit last year…

Maybe next fall.

come down to knoxville TN we can ride with you

Ah. The life of the idle rich.

What the heck are you doing down there when you should be back in Saskatchewan. We need your help up here dealing with winter. :smiley:

Have fun & safe travels.

Not so much “the idle rich” but knowing how to live and travel really cheep, having seasonal jobs, and not any financial responsibilities like a mortgage, car payments, childcare, etc.

Other than fuel for the car this trip has cost me less than I would pay in rent. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if you plan on coming through S’toon on your way back home but if so, send me an email a few days in advance if you want to attempt (It is really, really icy here :astonished: ) a ride.

Any chance of stopping in Ottawa or Kingston? I would be, and I’m sure some other people in either/both of those places would be down for a wintry ride!

If you come a little futher east you can come and ride with us!!!:smiley:

This thread is going to turn into one of those road trip movies :astonished:

Updated map

nothing for sure yet, trying to pick up another driver for the last two days so I don’t have to do 3000km in two days by myself.

Harley: Probably not on the way back but I could go for a ride either just before or after newyears.

Magnus: assuming I do go east I can definitely do Ottawa. I have a cousin there who might I probably won’t see at christmas so it would be good to visit there anyway. It would be sometime before the 21st.

Grizzo, I don’t think my car floats, otherwise I would give it a try.

Eric, if you want to ride in Maryland on your way north, let me know.


“Harley: Probably not on the way back but I could go for a ride either just before or after newyears.”

I’ll be around home between Xmas & New Years so if the ice melts (It rained & froze here last night) then we could try to get together.

Wow, what a great trip! I thought you were going to get home by your birthday (Happy Day today!) but no, much bigger plans. Way to go - have a great time.

All you guys on Eric’s route should meet up with him and check out his amazing 36er with custom made tire and disc brake. Make sure you ride with him on a G36 so you can make him work hard to keep up and get him to build one of his own.