The Video Competition - Second Round

Thats right! Back by popular demand, we present the second round of The video competition!
This time round its even bigger and better. We have certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners and maybe a trophy for 1st place.

Lets get down to business.
Its the same format as before but there are one or two changes and obviously a different twist. To enter you have to submit a video that is between 1 and 5 minutes long. It can contain as many riders as you like, as long as you are in it too. It has to be made using footage unseen by the unicyclist community and filmed by yourself or any other person in your video.
The videos have to be kept private until the competition closing date, when there will be a seperate voting thread put up with all the entries.

The videos will be judged by the community but I ask the entrants and the people that are going to vote to bear these few points in mind.
This competition is not all about riding ability. In my eyes a good video is original, entertaining and makes you want to watch it again. You could be the best crankflipper in the world, but if you make a video of 8940384785955859484 different crankflip variations I will get bored and most likey switch it off.
So, it doesn’t matter if you are a begginer or expert, if your video is original and entertaining you will have an equal chance of winning.

Now to set a deadline. I think that 6 weeks is enough, so I am going to say that you should pm me a link to your video by 14/09/2008. I will be putting up the voting thread on the morning of the 15th September, if I don’t have your link, it won’t be put up. Sorry to sound harsh but we have to be strict on this or we would never get the voting thread up if we waited for all the stragglers.

You can upload private videos to, which I think is the most sensible way to do it, because when the 15th comes, you can set your video to public. Here is a tutorial I made on uploading private videos.

I think thats everything! So, go and film and do whatever you do to make some kick arse videos!

Oh yeah, the twist.

Heres the thing, you must mix at least two styles of riding together. We don’t want purely street, trials, muni videos ect, thats boring! You have to mix it up a bit. This is where the originality thing comes in, the wackyer, the better.

Heres some examples: Struni=Street+Muni Munstyle=Muni+Freestyle Flastance=Flat+distace(Flat on a coker) These are just examples, make up your own and have some fun!

We want to see unispins on Munis, crankflips on cokers, Flatland on 29ers and hardcore downhill muni on freestyles.

So, with that being the only constraint, we hope that this time we can get a few more entries and see some funky, funny videos!

Good luck, ride on!


Do we have to do like this? f.eks

rider 1: Kevin

like that?

As long as you are in the video that you submit, you can do it how you like. Its not a requirement that you list all the riders, but then no-one will know who the cool riders are :wink:

I am so in.
Guna get to this as soon as my throat is no longer on fire and I feel like riding again, also I have to finish my current project.

So if you do street and Muni… you must only use one unicycle for both?
And we can choose our own song, great!

Cool, Im in. Im off to the lake district at the end of the week, should be some good muni and natural trials to ride.

If you wanted to do street and muni, you could do street moves on the muni in the woods for example. Or ride your street uni in a muni environment. I understand that street, trials and muni are a little similar but when you start throwing flat and distance into the mix it gets interesting! You can use as many different types of unicycles as you like.

oh good :smiley:

oh good :smiley: Im in!

K well 6 weeks is too long for me to wait to release my street vid. So I guess I’ll get filming on something else lol.

I’m in!

Can’t say I like the idea about mixing up the unis and what their good for. But ok, I can do more then just street.

Can you make a vid say with steet and trials and just have a mix of street and trials clips thrown together or should the two styles be mixed in one clip? like a trials line with a few spins mixed in?

I’m not sure what kind of vid I’ll make, but it won’t be anything silly like trials on a 12’’ lol.

Probably just a old-new-big street/flat vid with trial elements.

Then im in! :slight_smile: But could we post our vids before 6 weeks, can’t we post or vid during 6 weeks then if u haven’t send the vid during those 6 weeks then there not in the comp?

silly like 12" trial???DUUUUDE that’s the best video i’ve EVER seen… seriously that vid is funny as hell as long as his other vids… :smiley:

I think you’re missing the point.
We don’t want to see straight trials, street, muni or whatever. We want some funky new styles creating from the existing ones. E.g, Giraffe Muni, or flatland on 29ers or street on a coker.

The idea of these competitions is to try and get some variety in the videos. The videos posted on the forum from day to day are very samey and get boring after a while. We are just trying to make you guys put a little more thought into the video making process and hopefully turn out some really different and fun to watch videos.

I’d love to enter.

Do I just post here or do I pm you.

im “fucking” in :smiley: (ohhh scuse me)

You have until the 15th September 2008 to PM me a link to your video. The video should not be seen by anyone until I post it in the voting thread.

Hmm, “second round”? I must have missed the first one!:stuck_out_tongue: Was this it?

Nope it was this one.