The UPS Wentches

Ok so i bought my unicycle a about a week and a half back, and it was supposed to be here on the 5th, BUT the UPS witches lost my package, so i have a full track going on with my package

Maybe it was this guy

He looks pretty shady.

I hate UPS. The street I live on was brand new three years ago, but I still have to call and give them directions every single time I order something. I was supposed to receive a package today, but the tracking details note that I was unavailable for a signature today which is absolute BS since I work from home sitting 10 feet from my front door. :angry:

I like UPS. They have always delivered my packages on the day they said they would. And, my dad gets a package every other day from UPS for work and he has yet to complain about their service. It must be those people in the UPS Rochelle IL hub…

There was that big snowfall recently. That probably had something to do with the UPS problems. I had trouble with a Fed Ex package that arrived a day late just today.

I think I saw him before. It was in some zanga or something.

It finnaly came!! yay! i love it, tho the seat is lacking on the padding

I’m glad your uni finally came. Now go out and ride

The ups man is afraid of our dog(small pupie-ish dog)and whenever he comes to our house he honks his horn and makes us go all the way out to his truck to get the package.

Well, most of the drivers I’ve spoken to said that they’ve been bit by small dogs and not big ones. It’s better to be safe then sorry.


You must get packages a lot, or you live in a really small town, if your UPS guy actually knows your dog.

Dude, the Driver I was with knew everything about every house on the route. It was amazing.

Just ran across this. I think you’re making a joke here, right? :)The actual UPS hub in this area is in Rockford, a half hour north of us.

Our runway is only about 4300 ft. long so no jumbo aircraft here unless they come down in the cornfields.


UPS aren’t so bad, they only took a week to get my giraffe from california to oxford (several thousand miles) but it took parcel force 7 weeks to send a letter from their depot 5 miles from my house to me to tell me to pick it up. Oh and UPS shipped for $35 which is very cheap indeed. In a bored moment i worked out a group of unicyclists working round the clock could have actually ridden it from california faster (presuming some equal length over land route was available).

Yeah, well the reason she barks at him is because he takes the package and literally hits her over the head with them.

I am reminded an interesting placement by the UPS man to the house of Jeph Jacques…

Not liking to get bitten by dogs makes you a wussy?

Generally, each driver has a route they do regularly. They get to know every house on the route. The dogs stand out, if they keep you from getting to the door. As a delivery person, you learn not to trust dogs. Most dogs will just bark, but a few will protect their territory.

I was bitten once as a UPS driver, by a tiny little dog. I walked up to a house surrounded by little ankle-biting dogs, all yapping at me. One of them got my achilles tendon.

  1. Annoying.
  2. Harder, and it could have screwed up my walking for a time.
  3. How do I know said yap dog doesn’t have rabies or some other nasty problem?
  4. So don’t call me a wussy.

There was another house I often went to that had three large dogs, all barking at my door. Their circular drive went right in front of their porch, so one time I was able to toss the package (carefully) onto the porch without exiting the vehile. It is not my job to “experiment” with your dogs. Of course you also don’t get a yellow sticky-note on your door either, for the same reason…

I worked for UPS less than four months, but during that time, I had Oyster Bay, NY as my area for several weeks running. I could still probably find any address there within minutes (without using Mapquest).

UPS is generally very good about delivering to my house. My biggest gripe is when they don’t leave things out of sight and out of weather. It’s not that hard. Leaning up against the front door doesn’t cut it.

Also I don’t like when I order things online, relatively inexpensive ones, and instead of being delivered, I get a note on my door saying I need to sign. Why don’t you tell me this up front! I’ll have you deliver it to my work, or someplace where there’s always someone there to sign for it!

Anyone watching the news? Apparently UPS lost a box of computer files containing 4 millions peoples social security numbers and other private info. Eek. UPS has always delivered on time, but i always find on time slow, errrr.


I was making a joke about it being in Rochelle, IL. But, whenever I do order from UPS, my pakcage awlays SITS in IL for at least 3 days before I get a departure notice from the hub. But I DO love UPS… way better than FedEx.

The UPS guy used to pick our dog up, make his delivery, and then drop him off again :smiley:

UPS is generally good with us… I rememebr once when I built my old computer the motherboard was supposed to arrive here 3 days after the processor… well, they ended up int he same transit facility and someone was smart enough to send them both together :slight_smile: