The UPD evil twin

The unplanned ride. Got going a little to fast down hill today and decided to bail, tried to jump off but only managed to get my feet free of the pedals and ended up doing a no feet coast to the bottom of the hill. Must have been a low gravity zone.
Any body else ridden some thing against there will?

That sort of thing happens to most of us once in a while, but usually the coast lasts only a meter or two. I have heard of people accidentally coasting 20 meters or more though, so you experience is not unique. About how far did you go before falling off or returning to the pedals?

That’s happened to me several times… But I wasn’t so likely as to actually stay on the thing for more than a second. It usually ends very violently and, uh, ‘things’ get damaged.

About 20 feet just sitting there holding the seat thinking uh oh. Stepped off the frount at the bottom of the hill got back on and rode away. No harm done. Falling off is usualy the easy part.

I had the same thing happen to me once. Scared me half to death, too. Hope it doesn’t happen again (the scared part anyway).

It’s strange…

You try to balance and you fall…
But if
You try to fall you can’t NOT balance…

I think it’s some sort of cosmic diabolical plot to kill us…
Or maybe I just need to get more sleep :o …

I believe if you search the forums you will find this is called Unintentional Coasting.

My worst one was short but sweet. I was on a solo MUni and came to a downhill stretch with a tree fallen across the trail. I couldn’t make the turn to go up around the tree and bailed by taking both feet of the pedals simultaneously.

I UC’d right into the large fallen tree trunk. I quickly became a tree hugger, wrist guards helped.

Welcome to The Club…

Its so ironic; I spend all this time trying to coast and rarely go more than ten feet while some people go twice as far without even trying.

this is a random observation…

most of the people posting in this thread are from the Pacific Northwest… strange.

Mon-MOUTH baby!!! yeah!

Re: The UPD evil twin

On Sat, 2 Oct 2004 02:29:22 -0500, “asupercoolguy” wrote:

>most of the people posting in this thread are from the Pacific
>Northwest… strange.

I have never UC’d more than a few feet. But then again, I am from the
Atlantic East coast. The coast that is to the east side of the
Atlantic, that is. :slight_smile:

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I pulled one of these when I was learning to ride backwards. I ended up with a three-inch pedal bite on my right calf.

this happens to me alot. im going so fast down like this techincal section and all the sudden my feet fly off of the pedals. and shmehow i save it. its the scariest thing though :astonished:

This is a huge adrenaline booster for me.

Ever notice how your legs quiver when you re-mount…?
(mmm … natural ‘high’ )

The first time for me was when I was a kid.
I had no one to tell, that could understand how weird it is when it happens.
(it’s like wow, I’m doing this!, but, your heart is pounding like a drum, and the ‘fear of the unknown dismount’ approaching)