The universe 2 DVD is it anygood

so yeah I was thinking about buying universe 2 but I wanted to make sure it was good so yeah is it or is it not


if you want to see a trailer of it go to

It’s a fantatsic video.

Check your PMs.

Some free publicity…


Man U2 is absolutely unreal! I bought it about 6 months ago and I’m still watching it every couple of days!!

It’s well worth the money, but buy it on DVD cos a VHS tape will wear out!!!


Re: UniVerse2

You can’t get U2 in VHS can you? At least not in NZ anyway…

it certainly isn’t on as a vhs.
the first one is though, I suppose it’s one of those videos that you can see over and over so a vhs won’t last long.
when i got it i was worried that 23 minutes was too short but it’s actually perfect when you need to quickly watch something.
(i’ve seen it 12 times since last fortnight and it rocks)

Why are the bonus scenes as good as if not better that the actual feature footage?

um I would have to say no the bonus seens are not better

well, they’re better than some of the stuff in the feature.
p.s. the feature is actually 32 minutes long not 23. sorry.

I was thinking the bonus scenes were better, some of them are.

Like dan heatons drop kick grind was better than the drop kick bench grind, and some other stuff was just as good.Shoulda just put in the whole movie. Maybe. Its good anyway.

that’s true.
did anyone know that Dylan Wallinger designed the cover graphics?

Yeah. It says so on the back.

Any one else notice that after Kris Holm does something big, he covers his mouth with his right hand? I counted at least 4 times. Some you have to pause and play it at half speed just to see it.

And, at the begining, "dupication"is miss spelled?


in response to bonus footage:

it is less risky to make the video shorter and include bonus footage than longer and have it become repetative. i could have made universe 2 easily twice as long, which would have pleased some people, but in the end would not have worked as well for a general audience. i have never watched an all-action video that didn’t get repetative.

there is a variety of reasons why stuff might not appear in the actual video even if it is good riding:

-riders section becomes too long or the riding becomes repetative
-imperfections in shot (poor lighting, stuff on lens, too shakey, background distractions)
-editor doesn’t like the shot
-move is not pulled cleanly
-doesn’t fit with the flow of the section
-language, nudity, or other reason that it could be seen offensive to a general audience (none of this for U2 though)

i am working on a new video which will be around 30 minutes or less (maybe even below 25), but will also include 30+ minutes of bonus footage that is not just riding. most of it just as good or maybe better than stuff you actually see in the video, but for the reasons above, will not be included. i could condense both of these into a 45 minute video, but i don’t think it would have the same appeal to non-unicyclists or even some unicyclists.


That makes perfect sense. Thanks for explaining.

Cant wait for the next movie, good luck with it!

it has to be the sickest video i own, i loanded it to a teacher at my little brothers school who convinced the school board to buy about 10 unicycles for the kids to ride at recess.
i let her borrow it, and i got it back SCRATCHED !!! how horrible is that!
ohhh… there will be blood

Skip Doctor

ummm… that costs more than a new DVD

Mine has little cracks all around the little hole in the middle from taking it in and out of a portable dvd player were it has little prongs to hold it in.

in response to the syko uniryder person

Are we talking UNiVErSE: 3? or U3 by any other name? or something else completely? well, whatever, it’ll be rockin’ so keep it comin’.

Also, has anyone else seen the secret hidden chapter with the insane screeching bloke, and the trampoline?