The Unitrailer

In my area, there are few places to ride, and riding my 20" uni everywhere was wearing a bit thin. As necessity is the mother of invention, necessity gave birth to ‘The Unitrailer’

For about $15 AUD, you too can have your very own Unitrailer! OMG, MUST BUY!
All you need is:
• 1x golf buggy ($7 at salvos)
• 1x 90 Degree bracket
• 1x Eye fitting
• 1x Long bolt
• 1x Wing nut (extra nut to use as a lock nut would be a good idea)
• 2x Worm gear clamps

To stop the bracket slipping on the seat post of the bike, i cut a notch at the bottom which fit in a gap in the seatpost clamp

(sorry about screen stretch, really, its a pain)

Looks good. I’ll be curious to know how the L-bracket/long bolt/wingnut areas stand up to the bumpity bump bump of daily use.

originally it was a small carabiner like workhook coming off the bracket, but that was too loose hanging, so we switched it to a bolt. The wingnut slowly loosens but its not much of a worry for me because theres a rough patch halfway up the bolt so it stops there :slight_smile:
it rides well, but if you’re an idiot, you’ll flip it.

(edit) i’ll post an update if it breaks or something, but it looks pretty sturdy, the biggest problem is the high center of gravity

Nice work nuggets, that’s an awesome trailer you have there. :smiley: