The Unicyclist's Eye

For those who don’t know, I normally ride with two people…one of them has been riding longer than me, and the other learned fairly recently…one day, we were out riding, and Matt and I were poking fun at Sam (new rider) because he didn’t have the “Unicyclists’ Eye”.

In other words, he didn’t see the possible trick lines that Matt and I saw at first glance.

This made me wonder when you develop this Eye. When you can do the tricks? When you become familiar with them? When you know they are possible?

So, my question to y’all is, do you have it? And if so/not so, what style of riding do you do, and how long have you been riding? Do the people who have been riding only long distance for years see the same possible lines that people who ride street for 6 months can see? Hmmmm.


It’s all about style. I see street possiblities everywhere I go, curb sessions for hours… Trials riders probably see more trials possiblities than street possiblities (I ride with a trials rider) and street riders see street sessions. I would say the better you get the better eye you have cause you know what you can do, and where you can do it. So to put me into a group i’m under “When you can do the tricks?”.

-Shaun Johanneson

I have the everything eye. I see trials lines, street lines with a million variations as to what I can do on the sepcific obstacle, etc. everywere.

I made this avatar a long time ago: -I still like it.


I have been riding Seriously for about 6 months but started riding about a year ago and no matter where I go I see Street, and Trials lines pratically everywhere and whether or not they are something That I feel I could do easiliy or not I try them, I think I see them because I have seen other people’s videos and they can do them so I recognize them almost imediatly then using that I see other lines I have never seen before and in my head I see myself doing all these different things on the lines, which I then try and fail at horribly

that happened to me when I had been skating for a few months, and carried over to uniing. I see muni, street, and trials lines everywhere I go, even ones that are far beyond my capabilities.

yeah i see lines all the time… like a was watching some thing on tv advertizing a collage or someting then all i could think about is how sick of lines they had there…

im not very good, but i see those things evrywhere, and then sit there wishing i could actualy do what i imagined in my head. then i practice and fall a lot. its all good and fun

I see trials and streetlines wherever I am too. So when I’m downtown with my girlfriend she pull me and asks what I’m looking for. At shoping windows it’s role reversal.

i always get that…its wierd

yea ive been riding for like 6 months and do street mostly i suppose…and yes i can see ‘the lines’ :slight_smile:

i see trial lines alot and also street lines but I don’t look at them so much as the trial