The Unicyclist Community GoogleMAP!

I have added a map to the site so you can mark your location on the map and see where other unicyclists are located. This service uses Google’s Map API and you can put a pin anywhere in the world with this, though many countries do not have detailed road information.

It’s still in development and I hope to add your avatar and a link to your profile on the dialog box that is shown when clicking on a user’s marking point. If you have any others ideas to make this better, please let me know.

I think it’s a nice idea.I have an oder idea:let peaple post uni or muni routes on a other world map.
It’s just an idea.

Why did you never make it without Google?
Some longer ago here and here I posted to this (pretty much working and zoomable) example, that with a simple database like this php script (but especially it’s sql table of us-zip/long/lat data) + regular long/lat input by user could do the job. Including avatars will be a piece of cake.

Sorry leo, I must not have seen your original posts about this.


Beautiful, Gilby, beautiful.


I agree, this is wonderful!

My suggestion would be for everybody to also include their estimate of the number of active unicyclists in their area -gilby, could you include a field for this in the label so that people know what the number represents? I would say there could be as many as 100 active riders in quebec city.

I like this idea. All the unicyclists you know who don’t post here. I would say I know about 7.


I am temporarily the northernmost unicyclist!

Until the Gallivare guys put themselves onthe map, I have the northernmost spot! w00! I will soon post pix of my large marge / endomorph setup in the deep snow to show you all just how much I miss the warmth of Alabama.

I must say, you have hit the nail on the head… mmm yes, quite.
This is just a post thingy so I can get on the board… Im new.

yes doggy, we all are…