The #Unicycling chat bit?

Does anyone ever go in it? I finally got round to firing up mIRC only to find it’s empty. I really wanted to rave to someone about whether or not to buy a unicycle or not too…

(Either way, I’m still there (22:46 GMT), I don’t bite…)

Phil, just me

your lucky you got in the chat room at all.i once looked in there every day and there was never anyone,then me and brokenframe tried to hook up in there and now it does’nt let me in at all :angry:

i just tried again but no dice.

Are you taking into account that the name has to be unique out of the entire IRC server, not just I couldn’t use ‘phil’ so I’m in as ‘flippet’…

Phil, just me

yes,i tried all kinds of names.its "socket failure"everytime.

NOPE,wait im back editing this post and i just got in to chat but nobodys home.its 8:40 PM (pst)