The Unicycle Uni-versity Gallery

Hi folks,

We took some pictures during a club practice a few weeks ago and have just posted them in a gallery:

Not all the riders are represented yet so we’ll post some more shortly. We sure have a lot of fun in our club!



Nice shots. You should be proud of yourself for starting and maintaining a growing club. Congratulations on the very positive article, too.

Re: The Unicycle Uni-versity Gallery

Send me your e-mail address and I will send you some infromation on
fundraising. Our most successful method so far is a Unithon. The kids get
pledges and then ride for about 1 1/2 hours. Our most laps per person was 225.
A lot of money raised with out alot of time involved. We were in the gym from
8:30 to 12 and that included set up and clean up.

Barb K.

Hi Barb,

Great idea and it sounds like it would be a blast for the kids as well. I’d love to hear more about it.

I can be reached at yoopers at

Thanks for the suggestion.

a club trailer?!?

u have a club trailer?
am i the only who thinks that is pretty impressive?

Those are all pretty nice. I especially like the video on the last page.


When we first started our club last year, we were storing everything in our garage, loading it all into the back of our pickup truck to transport to our meetings then having to unload it again when we returned home after the meeting. The stuff was taking up room in our garage plus it was especially difficult to swallow when it was raining and everything got soaked. The trailer makes it real nice to serve as storage for all our club stuff as well as get it all to and from safely.

If the truth be known, Mary and I purchased the trailer for the club and may or may not (emphasis on may not) be paid back for it someday. I had an open box utililty trailer that I sold to help fund the purchase of the new one. My brother-in-law has his own sign making business and made the logo for us, I put it on the trailer myself. Word to the wise in buying trailers…as soon as you pull the new trailer off the lot, consider it too small. Such is the case here. Ours is a 5x8 by 5’ tall (I have to duck and climb into it) and we now could use at least a 6x10 (6’ headroom allowing one to walk in). I also did quite a bit of research on trailer quality and kept coming back to Wells Cargo (no, I don’t own stock in the company). I even went to Elkhart, IN and toured the manufacturing facility as part of my research. It’s a pretty well built trailer. Final trailer price was about $2000 and the logo cost $275.


RE: The Unicycle Uni-versity Gallery


Wow, you guys have a trailer and everything! Not bad for such a new group!

I read your newspaper article. Have fun at Circus World. Say hi to T.J.
Howell from me. See if he remembers me (from 1983)!

Stay on top,
John Foss, the Uni-Cyclone

“If people want to truly understand mountain biking, they have to do two
other things: ride a unicycle, and master the trampoline.” – Joe Breeze,
one of the originators of mountain biking, in a conversation with Tim Bustos

backpacks, hard-drives and kitchen cupboards

and a variety of other items seem to be suffering the same ‘too-small-as-soon-as-u-buy-it’ affliction
i wonder what it is?
u guys r a really kewl example of what can be achieved when u stir a lil’ passion into any pursuit
i trust your club will realise the value of the trailer and start some fundraising activity to pay for this one and then start saving for the big one
hint, hint guys and girls :slight_smile:

our juggling club r getting ourselves ready to do the first festival
providing a circus like atmosphere and heaps of related activities for kids of all ages
this job will pay our rent for the hall for the whole year
we hope to get more and better equipment
use the funds to futher juggling
and eventually be able to subsidise our convention for members who put in the effort during the year

look after u

Great job, Dave, on landing the festival gig. I think we all realize how difficult it can be at times to find good practice and meeting space throughout the year.

I wonder who has the better time in performances like this, the audience or the performers. I’m sure the “kids of all ages” will enjoy your presentation especially if it’s an interactive show.

Have a great time.

Seems that quotes are quite fashionable these days, so…

“Time’s sure fun when you’re having flies” - Frog