The unicycle 'shake'

Hey all, haven’t been on the forums much, but just thought I’d share a quick video we made. It’s for a nesquik ’ how you shake your nesquik’ contest. I hadn’t ridden my 5ft. giraffe for just over a year and a half ( been really busy with work, and other stuff), but thought of the idea and decided it was time to air up the tire and put a seat on it!
The audio and video quality are pretty bad, but you’ll get the idea.

That’s great, hope you win that contest!

Wow, that was good. I loved the one-footed riding the most.

And the girl played funny as well. That whole stone, bitchy face and then sweet and happy all of a sudden.


haha, glad you liked it. Watch what you say about the ‘girl’… that’s my wife! lol…
yeah, I wanted to do some one footed idling ( the idling wasn’t bad, but it didn’t look very interesting either), and backwards one footed, but a half way filled bottle of nesquik on the pedal is somewhat odd. It’s especially odd when you put your foot down on top of the bottle and have an 8" extension on the pedal all of a sudden!
I ended up drilling a hole through the bottle cap and mounting it with some strategically placed plumbers strap and some bolts. When I tested the one footed out with the test bottle in place I had no idea it was going to flip around like that, and it took a few tries to get the hang of it.
Also, the jump on mount gets thrown off by the bottle too. I did it fine the first 5 or 6 times, and one time it made the pedal swing out of the way and I about racked myself 5ft. off the ground on that light pole :astonished:

I said the girl(your wife) played well. She’s not like that in real life, is she?

And I like reading your description of riding with the bottle. Sounds crazy. Girraffes are bad enough without extra features like that, in my opinion.

No worries, I knew what you meant… I actually thought your comment was funny. and no, she’s not a bitch in real life, lol
You know that stare you get from riding around on a unicycle in general? Well… imagine that in a college town, on a giraffe with a stupid nesquik bottle strapped to your pedal doing a skit in front of a camera… :smiley:
You’ll have to watch some of the other submissions to the contest. There are some other good submissions, but none that include unicycles that I saw :wink:

That is really creative, and good riding.

I’d think you’d have a better shot at winning with some better filming and editing techniques. Not that yours weren’t fine, but improvements could be made to make it looks more like a “commercial.”

Good job none the less :slight_smile:

don’t worry, I know the quality sucked… Unfortunately all of my friends that have nice cameras are several hours away, and the only person who was able to help in the time to get it done had a fairly cheap camera.
Oh well, it was still fun to do, and an interesting experience.

I thought it was good…Hope you win

THat’s totally awesome. I hope you win.

I found another one with a unicycle but not as cool/creative as yours,

thanks for posting that one, I hadn’t seen it yet… although it seems extremely random!

haha that was cool…

not really uni-related “shaking”, but howabout taking a bottle of that to like a Home Depot (maybe riding in on my 36er?) and going to the paint dept., and having them put it in that paint shaker/mixer thing that agitates crazy fast? That might be cool.:stuck_out_tongue: Or maybe tying like a whole bunch of bottles to strings and pull them behind my 36er like a “just married” thing!:smiley:

fun video. I like the actress, shaking plot, and your skill on giraffe, jump mounting and one foot.
Audio is faint, but I assume the girl is satisfied.


THAT WAS AWESOME!!! makes me wish i had a giraffe uni and a bottle of coke! i’d love to see how badly it would spew out!!!

Sweet skills. And like the idea of the vid. :slight_smile:

hahahaha nicee, I enjoyed

I hope it wins :slight_smile: