The Unicycle Page

CHECK IT OUT:):):smiley: :sunglasses:

sweet !

it used to look so crappy (no offence or anything)

I Really Like It This Way
Good Job Who Ever Edits It

I saw it yesterday. Gilby edits it. I kinda got used to the way it was before. This way it looks more…EXTREME! Me likey! ALL HAIL GILBY! (all who like the way he did the makeover thingy, anyways) I need to edit my website.(really cruddy, though. Cruddy is pretty much hailing it, though.)

Hah wow it looks so modern compared to before. Who is that in the picture? It looks like Ben Plotkin-Swing but since its so edited it really could be anyone.

It used to say.

It is indeed Ben Plotkin-Swing. It’s from a photo from the 2003 CA Muni Weekend ride at Rockville Hills Park.

Hah sweet, damn I’m good (either that or a stocker). :stuck_out_tongue: