The Unicycle Lab

Um, PING…er a… POP… screw all that… Yo,

The Unicycle Lab is up and running.

Some of you now me as Sam Haber, others just Agent Q. Ive been working day and night, for quite some time now, finalizing what was once just scattered ideas. Finally the site is up and functional. There is still quite a bit that I have to do, but the basics are all in working order.

The main idea for Unicycle Lab, was to create a blog for the Street Unicycle Culture. Think of it like a FREE online magazine, or a gateway to anything and everything street riders want to know about. The site will be geared towards Street and Flatland, but should be somewhat interesting to all. I will post some Trials and Muni stuff form time to time, and the occasional Freestyle post may come up. The general idea tho is to limit the bulk of the content to Street and Flat. Not just any Street and Flat, the stuff that inspires. One of the big things here is, that anyone interested in getting into Street or Flatland will have access to all the info and entertainment they need to make their interest, their passion. They wont have to dig around or know how to right corectly, either.

There will be videos, photos, interviews, trick tips, product releases/reviews, and other various news. Sometimes good unicycle news can be far and few between, let alone just limiting it to Street and Flat. However, I have plans to keep things interesting, as well as fairly frequent. So check back often. There may be a contest from time to time, but we are still making baby steps, so don’t expect to be winning any swag right away.

The way that Uni Lab will survive, is from help by everyone. So when there is a new vid out, or you peep some new pedals on Odysseys site, send an email. You got photos from you and your buddies on your over seas trip, send an email. You happen to be at Unicon and just saw who took first in the Flat battle…send an email.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND EVERY NEW VIDEO YOU MAKE, I will only post content I feel fits into the “best” category.

We all like to get our work out there and seen, but you know if your riding is sub par, or your video equipment belongs in the trash. Uni Lab is not a place where I will post every video made. Its a place for high quality riding, groundbreaking news, and other various creams of our unicycle crop.

So please go check out the site. Play around, get to know it. Let me know if there are any issues, or you have any thoughts, comments, or questions.

Don’t forget to leave comments on Uni Lab when you got something to say about a post. Even more so for the interviews, you gotta let those guys hear your love. Everyone can comment, your first will have to be approved as to filter out spam, but after that, they should pop up immediately. Comments are different, and might not be as fun, as discussions but are still very important to any weblogs standing. Also don’t forget to pass along the link. Especially you young teenagers. Whether you are a good rider or not, this site is a good way to show your friends why you do what you do, and you might turn on a few light bulbs, for other people, as well.

If a day or two goes by with no new posts, I apologize. I will try to keep new content popping up as often as I can… and already have quite a few future “projects” on the table.

So there you have it. Any future news, about the Unicycle Lab, will get posted in here. But much more of my online time will be spent at the Lab, and not repeating myself on these forums… I should be lurching plenty, but in the case you need to contact me get at me through email. Which you can find quite easily at

Thanks all, I look forward to hearing what you think, and even more so, look forward to reading all your comments at the Lab.


Great Job Sam! Good Luck!

Love the baby steps!

Very Cool Blog!

I like what yuo did a lot! Keep up the GREAT work!


Nice site. Have bookmarked it and will check regularly.

Good luck !!! :slight_smile:

This is nice.

Thanks Sam and Kevin! I really injoyed reading that; I can’t wait for more stuff on this site now.

Any chance of an in-depth trick tip every so often?


Like the new site. I will have to check it out further later.

Sorry, I should have read better :stuck_out_tongue:

New column: Brian Oley - Photo of the month.


Anyone here that knows of Brian, or has seen his photos, knows that he does some amazing work. It only makes sense to give him a monthly spot on Unicycle Lab, where some of his best pictures will be going.

Go check the first Brian Oley POTM, and dont forget to comment and check back often.

Nice writeup on Brian, and excellent pictures as usual. But your article starts off with a common misconception, that photography is all about the gear. It isn’t now, nor was it ever. Yes, you need sufficient gear to make (or light) the desired image, or to meet the needs of the client, but the actual equipment used is very secondary to knowing what you’re doing. Brian is a perfect example!

Handing a non-talented photographer a top-of-the-line camera will not improve his/her results (much); great pictures are taken by photographers, not by cameras.


Thanks for pointing this out.

The angle of the post was not to say, “look good photographers can excel with any equipment”, which is true, and that point was clear in the post. The article was more to say look what Brian is doing with what he calls trash… I want to keep the light where it belongs.

The misconception comes from human nature, not me. Obviously the point of the starting the article the way I did, was to prove the point you are making about equipment not really being what makes a good photographer.

You cant expect to get to many jobs shooting on a disposable camera, no matter how well you framed the shot. There are some standards of what equipment photographers are expected to have. That for sure can make or break someones career… Which is different from making or breaking someones portfolio.

its badass:D

Yea, unicycling is bad ass. I hope you are all going to check out the Brian Oley - Photo of the Month.

Point well taken.

Having covered the above, there are two approaches to this one. In one form of commercial photography, the client hires the shooter for specific pictures. In another form, such as stock photography, the client buys the pictures. Here, a disposable camera can do surprising things. Not that I (or Brian, I’m sure) recommend using one if you don’t have to… :slight_smile:

Just wanna know, whats been going on with UniLab recently? New material has been pretty scarce. :frowning:

I miss weekly uni lab updates…