The Unicycle Fund/Portfolio!!!

Man, I can’t believe how weird my brain gets when I’m unproductive. I really need my job to start soon (coming monday, fortunately). Why? Today, I decided to pick some stocks for the Unicycle Fund. NB-these are NOT NECESSARILY good companies. Don’t put real money into them unless you do real research. And if you do and make money, well, all the more power to you.

I picked the stocks based on their names and symbols resembling unicycling terms and names. A couple of them are stretches, since I got so desperate. And the desperation=lack of money making, since most of them are pretty dormant. Here they are! I’ll put my explanation after each one.

Cke Restaurants CKR-N (US$) (coker)
Uni-Marts Inc. UNI-A (US$) (uni)
Unilever NV UN-N (US$) (ditto)
Select Medical SEM-N (US$) (semcycle)
Storm Energy Ltd. SEM-T (ditto)
Nuveen Calf Qual Inc Muni NUC-N (US$) (NUC AND muni!!)
Bank One ONE-N (US$) (one wheel)
Bookham Technology PLC BKHM-Q (US$) (Kris HolM… mmm desperation)
Charles Schwab Corp. SCH-N (US$) (SCHwinN)
Ultimate Software Group ULTI-Q (US$) (ultimate wheel)

Any other suggestions for the stocks? Oh yeah, the -T means that it’s on the TSE. When I have the stocks finalized (maybe slash a few that really really suck), I’ll put up a page that will update the portfolio value.

and another one!
Bedford Property Investors BED-N (US$)