The Unicycle Book

I borrowed The Unicycle Book by Jack Wiley from our local library and it has a
publish date of 1973. Are there later revisions of this book? The author has
many references to bike shops with addresses and even prices. These all seem
really out of date. He mentions you can get a good new unicycle for something
like $22.95. Is this for real? Hard to believe, even in 1973.

Andy Arhelger

Re: The Unicycle Book

>> Another notable unicyling feat was that of Bernard Munier of France. In
>> 1971 at age 20 he rode a unicyle down the 1,700 steps and landings of the
>> Eiffel Tower non-stop withut touching a rail with his hands or a step with
>> his feet.

Wow! I can’t lay claim to anything that fancy, but my teammates and I rode down
the Round Tower of Vor Frelsers Kirke in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1968. Made quite
a hit in the local papers.

Ahem – I suppose I should mention that the Round Tower is ascended via a spiral
ramp. No stairs . . . <g> Paul Goodrich

RE: The Unicycle Book

> Does anybody know where we could get our hands on a copy of "The Unicycle
> Book" by Jack Wiley? We have asked our bookstore, but they say it’s out of
> print, and our library doesn’t have it either.

Current version is the Complete Book of Unicycling, from Solipaz Publications.
You can order it from the back of your On One Wheel, or get more info from the
USA web site:

I looked up The Unicycle Book on, and got information about searches
for out of print books. My sister works in a used book store and she does this.
Don’t know if this link will work, but this was the page for The Unicycle Book.

Solipaz is apparently not available thru Amazon.